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A person who is fond of reading books or relax his/ her mind through reading then amazon kindle is best option for them. Kindle is a device from Amazon that facilitate you to read books, online browsing and downloading novels and newspapers. 

There is a kindle store on internet from where you can download e-books and magazines. Before downloading or accessing the kindle store, you must register on amazon. After registration, you will have your amazon kindle account from which you can log in and access the store through kindle device. Amazon has launched 4 models of kindle so far. Paperwhite is the most popular and latest model nowadays. It comes with 6 inches full HD display. There is facility to download videos and music too besides e-books. Once you register your device on amazon, you will then only require Amazon kindle login ID and password for reading e-books online and purchases. Your kindle device can store more than 1000 books at a time. You can flash the memory by connecting it to computer via USB cable.

When we purchased a kindle device and started using it then it is difficult to decide the right font for reading that is comfortable for eyes. There are lot of options given for the users in kindle like Georgia, Baskerville, Helvetica and Palatino. All are available in kindle map. You have to choose the one that suits you the best and easy for your eyes. It is important to mention here that the font selected should be such, which is suitable for every book. In this blog we will try to discover the font that is perfect for us. You have the option to change the size of font while reading e-book. This feature was not available in physical or traditional books. You can increase or decrease the font size according to your suite. The size of letter bet on the number of pages of book. Still signature 16 pages books are printed which means that the no of pages are multiple of 16.

View point of famous designer for Baskerville:  Anna Thompson, one of the famous designer design lot of books. She used Baskerville in her printing mostly. Though she selects different fonts for different genre of books but Baskerville is her favorite one. She thinks that it is most suitable font for reading a lengthy text on full page. The design and open counters in Baskerville makes it suitable for reading without having any strain on eyes. The contrast of each word is very high with focus on every text rather than on type.

Georgia: Another famous designer Frere Jones prefers Georgia because of its low contrast clear font style. He feels that user mind will not divert attention from the the contents while using this type of typeface. According to him, some fonts are not attractive for reading and looks blurred on the screen while some are looking magnificent on the screen with all backgrounds. If you want to manage the kindle contents between two kindles then you can manage kindle devices from manage contents and sync option. From this option you can share your favorite books with other kindle user and other kindle users can also share their contents with you.

Palatino: Bigelow Palatino font style is also liked by some designers. This typeface is between the Baskerville and Georgia. There are different opinion for different styles by different designer so you have to select that, which you like the most. By default, Georgia font is available for reading in kindle app. This font has flexibility of resolution. You can change the resolution as per your requirement. In order to purchase new fonts for kindle device, you need to enter Amazon card login details for payment gateway. Helvetica is another typeface that has large block of text and it is difficult to understand some text while using this font. If you want to go with expert choice, then Palatino or Georgia is best choice.

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