Almost the summer has hit more than 90 states across the globe and you might be planning for going to some beach for relaxing and having some chill in the water. People love to enjoy reading e-book on the beach and they carry phone or tablet with themselves .they have no other option other than these gadgets, but Amazon has tried to come up with Paperwhite Kindle this summer which will be more simple and preferable than the mobile. Its hefty screen size with glittering screen definitely attracts you and will encourage you to purchase.

It’s the right time to take up kindle Paperwhite, which you have been looking for since long time. Amazon is celebrating two days summer deal by offering a big discount on it kindle Paperwhite. This sale has never been seen before, this summer sale is exclusively meant for those e-readers who likes to love reading on the beach. Kindle support book store almost contains thousands of book available in its e-books library for reading

Kindle: kindle is a small gadget mainly designed for purpose of reading e-books and developed by Amazon, an online retailer. You can download books from online kindle store via Wi-Fi and read them. If you wish to purchase the full book of any episode or noble you can do this online. Kindle Paperwhite is the latest model available in kindle e-book series having touchscreen feature. Instead of using Mp3 player or IPod for listening to music, you can now read online e-books. You need Amazon Kindle Account to access the variety of books from e-library. After completing with the account setup process, you can now log onto your account and alter any field of your account from manage my kindle account option. Paperwhite model was launched four years back with latest and user friendly features inbuilt.


This deals mainly covers Kindle Paperwhite essential includes 6” E-Reader Paperwhite model with discounted price of $119.99 ,its leather cover in $39.99 and 5W amazon power adaptor in $19.99. Otherwise its actual cost is $179.97 but Amazon sells it for $159.97.After using a special code for the discount you can clinch this bundle for just $127.98. The Amazon is selling on its own in just $119.99 so, it’s definitely a great deal for you and for all book worms. You might have not seen such an offer before.

For any query or support related issues you can take Amazon Kindle Support from the website Www kindle com support. You will find each and everything related to your device on the official website of Amazon Kindle.

Know more about the product:

  • 6” HD screen display, leather cover and 5w power adaptor for input supply. All these costs $179.97 to you. Its leather cover protects the kindle and helps you to hold the device comfortably.
  • High resolution with 300 pixels per inch display allows better image quality as well as brightness. The Paperwhite model consist of double no: of pixels than its previous model. Higher the resolution, more higher will be its clarity and sharpness in the picture.
  • Newly updated bookerly font allows strain less and faster reading. You can change the style of font any time by just pressing the Kindle Help icon seen on your screen.
  • Inbuilt auto adjustable light brightness level, feature will save the battery during day light. The brightness of screen diminishes automatically during the day and at night the brightness comes at required level. It would not harm the eyes. For more help follow Kindle Com Support
  • Like in other tablets and smartphones, there is no screen glaring even during the bright sunlight.
  • With a single charging you can use this device for a week, not only for hours. Its high powered battery allows you better power backup. Kindle Fire Support link provides you with the complete details and technical specification of Amazon kindle fire product.

This big deal is valid till July 1 midnight so grasp the deal with coupon code in just $127.98