Will It Be Possible For Old Kindle Models To Access Audiobook Playback & Audible Services?

It’s been quite a while since Amazon has launched Audiobook service. Just after the launch, the service made headlines due to its unique and amazing functionality. Now, Amazon has incorporated audiobook playback along with an audible feature to its old Kindle devices as well. Let us find out more about this in this blog post.

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When it comes to reading books, there is no other platform that is as good as Kindle. But, it is not always possible to read eBooks because many times, people don’t have time to sit down and concentrate on their favorite books and while other times, they are on the move, thus making reading books a difficult task.

To fix this problem, Amazon came up with a feature named Audiobook playback, which allows users to listen to the content of the book that they want to complete. This feature is getting bigger and better with every passing day. More and more Kindle users are making use of Audiobook playback feature. Sometimes, it is just better to listen to something instead of reading because reading involves concentration, and people don’t have time to concentrate at times.

Audiobook service that was launched by the company is now available on first generation Kindle Oasis as well as regular Kindle tablet. Those who are using this feature can directly use this feature. Doing a playback of the books that want to read is a lot easy. They will also get an access to the Audible storefront along with the support of Bluetooth-enabled headphones or speakers. The reason why Bluetooth headphones or speakers will work is simply due to the fact that these devices lack the port for a headphone jack.

Amazon a couple of years ago broke a news that the Kindle devices will have Bluetooth functionality in the future, and the company has kept its promise. Kindle Oasis is coming with the Audible support, and with this, the company has consolidated its reputation even further.

Over 250,000 professional audiobooks are ready to sell!

Amazon has become the most prominent store for buying audiobooks. Amazon offers you with a wide range of options in terms of audiobooks. I’m talking about more than 250,000 audiobooks for grasp! The company in order to expedite the sales has also set up commissions for its affiliate members. Good commissions will be given to those who will sell these books. Amazon is not the only one who is getting benefits from this service, but the customers who will buy these audiobooks can enjoy listening to books instead of reading them.

In order to use this service, there is no need to buy a new Kindle device. Old Kindle models also support this feature, so you just need to get the latest software updates in order to use this feature.

For those who are already using Kindle tablets, it won’t be possible for them to easily knock such a feature upgrade. No other device has been able to provide an audio support of this magnitude. Amazon has already confirmed that the Kindle devices will come with Bluetooth functionality in Kindle Oasis and regular Kindle device, and with the arrival of a new software update, it will be possible for users to flip the switch to ‘ON” to use this feature.

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