why magicjack

Everywhere we make a tour people are familiar with the name magicJack. It’s truly astonishing. Just about anyone we run into utter the name ‘magicJack’ and people quickly identify, whether it’s the Uber drive, hotel receptionist, young app developer or current immigrant. They say, “I have seen your ads on TV for years.” Would like to thanks around $100 million of marketing spend more than the last seven years the magicJack is blessed with the nationally recognized brand, one that stands for a reasonable price and high standard voice service.

For $35 a year the company offer a complete featured phone service: voice mail, call forwarding, voicemail through email, and even a dedicated free conference call number for each customer. Nearly three million subscribers use this service currently. And the customers are devoted to the business. They are valued seeking consumers who relish the idea of saving hundreds on their phone service. Kind of recall that Gecko and promising saving hundreds or above on your car insurance.

Magic jack Customer Service

Many people ask: “Why don’t you have 30 million customers?”  The question is good. Doesn’t it seem strange that people spend $25 or more monthly for basic phone service that for many has easily become voice mail pricing $300/year?

Back in the 1990’s, AOL has an immense business model: get folk to sign up for their service with a credit card and hit them monthly for the recurring subscription. While many people facilely used AOL for email, they continued to pay each month so they can keep that email address, long after email became a free service. How many users paid AOL $20 monthly simply to keep their email address?

MagicJack Installation

What some people don’t realize is that a phone number is yours to keep. It is not the property of the company of phone the current number you have, whether it is from Verizon AT&T, Comcast, Vonage or any other high-cost telecom supplier can be taken with you to any service provider you select. So why let the phone company hold you hostage? Why pay $300 or above year when there is a fine choice?

Bring your number with you to magicJack.  $35 per annually.  One time.  It’s that easy.

Some people wonder: “If the service is so inexpensive, how can it be reliable?”  Maybe the finer question is this: “Why do the phone companies charge so much for a service that costs so little to provide?”  Think about it. AOL used to charge for email and now it’s free. The simple reality is that the companies of the phone have been creating millions selling a service that should cost a fraction of the price they charge users. We say “Fire your phone company.  Switch to magicJack.”

Good yet, we hold a free trial where you can try our service for thirty days risk-free. You can get the number and can try it out. You can even send it back if you don’t like it.

We enable three simple ways to use our ultra-low-cost service:

  1. Just like Apple TV, you need to plug the magicJack into your internet and facilely link to your phone.
  2. Plug the device into your desktop or laptop and easily link your phone.
  3. Use the Android or iOS app to do the addition of the second line to your mobile device.

This service is that easy. It is reasonable cost and facile to use. And, you can take your number with you on the go with the mobile app. So why spend $300/annually for what’s become higher cost voicemail? Bring your number to magicJack and being relishing the saving with the ideal VoIP digital phone service in the Industry.