Which one is better, Kindle Voyage vs Kindle Paperwhite?

Today, in this blog post I am going to share my experience with you. When I was driving my car, I used to feel squint. One day I decided to visit the ophthalmologist when the close-up reading has also become difficult for me to focus. The earlier made eye glasses were no longer working on my eyes and I feel strain while reading through it. I started hated my favorite devices like kindle 3 and iPad, which I had brought earlier for my enjoyment.

I used to read fiction, science and historical fictions through my kindle E-reader. Moreover, I used to share my personal documents over it and no longer find any need to take help from kindle support link. I want to bring back these days in my life but the ophthalmologist has disappointed me by saying that your eye vision has dropped two diopters off from the earlier prescription.

I made up a mind to implant eye lens in both of my eyes. After that, I was successfully able to regain my eyesight up to some extent. The doctor said to me that your vision is now 20/20 for both eyes and you can now easily drive and read books without any problem.

Now after reading certain specifications and features on the Kindle com support, I decided to purchase a new kindle paperwhite model for reading purpose. This was much-advanced device than my previous Kindle 3 model with having more than 212 pixels per inch and 16 level grayscale. The most amazing thing that surprised me a lot was its touchscreen interface. The text sharpness and brightness was also comparable to smartphones and tablets available already in the market. I visit www kindle com support link to register my device with Amazon and started using it.

I had been able to successfully download and access EBooks from the kindle store. I just paid $9 to the kindle on kindle help link to read unlimited stuff from the kindle lending library.

Unlike the basic models, this model also has integrated backlight for night reading in darker rooms. Apart from this, there is another dimmer function is this device, with which you can enjoy reading without disturbing your roommate sleeping along with you. The LED integrated into this model was engineered in such a way that the light illuminates the text without putting stress and strain in your eyes.

After spending hours of reading on Amazon Kindle support page, I came to know that there is one another new model available with the Kindle i:e, Kindle voyage. If you have placed an order, then it is going to deliver in November.

Kindle Voyage is the best preferred device after Kindle paperwhite model. This will cost $80 more than the basic paperwhite model. The updates and other specifications are available on Kindle voyage and Kindle fire support help link.

In this model, you will get 300 PPI screen, which is 80 more than the previous model. If you compare the screen text and content size of this model with the paperwhite one, then you can easily find the difference and experience much better performance.

The weight of this device is almost same as that of Kindle paperwhite i: e, 6 ounces without a case, which is easy to pick up with one hand. The sleek and ergonomics design of the new model is a little bit different from the older one. The physical buttons are available on the top of the screen rather than on the top rear of the unit. If you are also using the same device at home and want to take support for some service, then call at Amazon kindle customer service number. The technical experts will guide you properly in an easy and simple way.

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