What to do if your Kindle gets full of books

In your Kindle ereader you can store numerous books but sometimes you may exceed its limit then you need to free some space for the new books on your Kindle. 

Kindle is perfect device for avid travellers who love to carry their Kindle along with them wherever they go and they want their Kindle to be loaded with books. Kindle ereader let you stuff your Kindle with huge number of books but Kindle has certain limit to which it can hold. The current version of Kindle has 4GB memory out of which you can use 3GB for content which will cater about 3,500 books easily and further support is provided for all Kindle devices at is Www kindle com support is there to combat any difficulty.

Maxing Out

Kindle doesn’t show the space left automatically and to see the remaining space press the “Menu” button and on the top-right corner who will be able to see how many megabytes are remaining. In case you have exhausted the memory then while purchasing a book a warning will appear that will ask you to delete content from your kindle to empty some space.

Organizing Your Titles

At Kindle’s home page you will find list of downloaded books. Whenever, you purchase a book from Amazon it appears on the top of the list. Press the “Next page” option if you want to remove books. Don’t worry if you delete some titles as you will still have rights to download them again.


However, to remove a book you already read from your Kindle press the “Home” button and by using four-direction and “Next Page” buttons to locate the title. Now press the four-direction button to the left. The book title will appear gray and a “Remove From Device” button appears below the title and now press the four-direction button down and this removes the book from your Kindle.

Book Archive

Amazon maintains a record of every book you purchase and books get stored on your device. In addition to this you won’t lose any content that you purchased for your Kindle. In order to access this go to the Manage your Kindle page and then “Your orders” section. You will also find “Deliver To” option from the drop down menu, use this to send a book to your registered Kindle devices and if you are not able to figure it out you can take Kindle help.

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