What to do if your Kindle eBook is not downloading in your Amazon Kindle E-Reader?

All the Bookworms are using Amazon kindle E-reader these days for reading digital books over the electronic Gadget. The process to read and download the EBook in this gadget is easy and simple, but there are many readers, who are facing problem in downloading a Book from the Kindle Book store. 

Today, I am going to provide the kindle support to them through this blog post. I need your active participation in this Blog post. You need to pay close attention on all the steps and measures discussed below for downloading an EBook from the online platform. After reading this blog post, you will find it easy to troubleshoot the problem by own instead of taking help from Kindle com support link.

So are you facing the same problem with a Kindle E-reader not downloading the EBook? If yes, then go through the remedial tips that I am going to provide in the below mentioned passages and steps before contacting at Amazon kindle customer service number. I am sure that the remedy will definitely work for you.

Here I want to tell you that if you have recently purchased a new kindle model for E-reading, then you need to create a kindle account on www kindle com page. After creating an account successfully, you will able to access thousands of EBooks from kindle Book store platform. Some Books are available for free and some are paid. You can directly download any Book from this store. If you are using a kindle fire series model and require any Kindle help, then go to kindle fire support, a dedicated link for kindle fire series model. You will find complete details of your device on this link. You only need to enter the serial number of your kindle device on this link, Henceforth everything will get displayed on the screen.

The problem in downloading a kindle Book is not so common but is indeed faced by some of the regular users. This problem is very common in Kindle app. If you are using a kindle app on your android or iOS based mobile, then you may get this problem because the link does not get properly established between the app and the kindle library so you keep on getting the problem again and again. This problem is rare in kindle fire tablets and kindle paperwhite model.

The reason for this problem is mainly bad internet connection and Book will generally download in second attempt. So you need to wait for a while and just set the kindle down for 10-15 minutes. However, sometimes the Kindle servers obliterate and require some extra time to proceed a request.

If you are yet facing the same problem, then follow the below mentioned tips to solve your problem:

  1. Power off the device and restart it after 5 minutes. This may often fix your problem.
  2. First disconnect the device from wireless network and check whether the network is working or not.
  3. If any EBook stops downloading in a midway, then delete this from the app and re-download it from the cloud storage.
  4. Go to ‘manage content and device’ section from your kindle home menu and locate the book that is not downloading. Click on ‘actions’ and click on ‘deliver to particular device’ option. You can also transfer this book from your computer to kindle with the help of USB cable. You don’t need to take help from Amazon kindle support site for this issue.
  5. If your book is not available in the content section, then check whether the order has been completed in the digital orders section of amazon or not.
  6. At last, if none of the above solution resolves your problem, then contact at www kindle com support.

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