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It is basically a free app that provides us a quick and Kindle Textbook Creator helps in publishing any of your books, notes or another document as per your requirement. This software helps in converting the pdf files in the supported file extension that can be easily read by the device. If you don’t know anything about this device, then you can take Kindle support. Here are few questions associated with this device, which you need to get answers for:


What is a Kindle Textbook Creator?

simple way to convert PDF files of our documents that may include notes, study material, publishing books or any other such material into such files that can be opened in Kindle devices. This application is designed so as to fulfil each and every demand of the educational field that comprises of composite content in the form of huge images, graphics, equations, etc. this software also helps you in designing the overall looks of your textbook.

Which smart devices support these books which are created with this app?

All the Kindle eBook readers such as paper-white and fire tablets can easily read these books that are developed with this software application. These are also compatible with all cell phones as well as tablets that run on iOS and android. Apple iPads along with other Android tabs are also compatible with these books. All you need is to transfer the file and enjoy reading anywhere, anytime.

Is it possible to preview a book before I can publish it?

Yes, this feature enables a user to preview its book before it is published, and thus, can apply modifications and necessary detailing can be applied. This also helps in creating an overall good design that is user-friendly in nature. Kindle textbook creator also helps in making the best layouts that can eventually help you in creating the most attractive textbooks. You can take the help of Kindle Fire support help if you are not able to publish your book(s).

What video formats does the Kindle Textbook Creator support?

Kindle Textbook Creator supports only mp4 video files that are recorded in a particular frame per second motion camera. These videos have the highest quality and sharpness. Although, it may also support other variety of videos, but the clarity and the quality would not be as it is expected. You can get in touch with the Amazon Kindle Support for more information.

Which audio formats are supported by Kindle Textbook Creator?

It only supports mp3 audio formats that are crisp and loud in nature. These formats are the best suited for a proper audio experience. If you are not able to use these formats, then you can take the help of Kindle com support.

Let us take a look at the minimum system requirements for having Kindle Textbook Creator

For both Mac and PC, it is recommended the system should be having at least these basic configuration of hardware:

  1. Processor: 1.2 GHz or more
  2. RAM: Minimum 2 GB; Recommended 4 GB.
  3. Hard Disk Drive (HDD): Minimum 500 MB;
  4. Display: 1280 X 720 and above

All the queries related to this software are provided in this blog. If you want to know more you can visit the company’s official website at www Kindle com support, or you can make a call on the Amazon Kindle Customer Service and you will be provided the best in class services.