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Amazon has launched two new models of kindle devices in 2016. We are talking of oasis model that is one of the great model in kindle platform. Other devices are also performing well in the market, which were launched before oasis.

Kindle 2016 comes with classic design that is lighter, thinner and smarter than older versions. Even blind people can use this device. There is Bluetooth connectivity option available for connecting external speakers in the recently launched devices. The only flaw in this product is that there is no natural light integrated in it and is costlier than older model.

You can buy the Kindle 2016 in black or white color for $80. Though there are very delicate changes in the design but you can comprehend it easily and certainly. If we compare in terms of weight then the latest one is lighter than the older one. Kindle oasis is the only one in this contest.

Kindle oasis 2016

You will feel easy in picking up this device. The smooth and sharp edges makes it easy to hold in hand with proper grip. Amazon has also offered its outer cover for protection against breakage and slippery. It is made up of fine leather that increases the life of product by a year.

There is absence of integrated light feature in new versions that might dishearten the kindle users because if they had used kindle Paperwhite or voyage models then this feature is integrated in it. There are only 167 pixels per inch in kindle 2016 that is too low.

The major point of interest in kindle 2016 is its full HD touch screen feature. This was absent in previous model though they come in HD screens but not with touchscreen ability. Another winning point is, its 4 GB storage space that can easily store more than 1500 books in its memory. If we talk about RAM, the new kindle comes with 512MB RAM that is twice of previous versions. There is no symbolic change in its performance and operation.

Support for kindle

When we talk of support part then kindle is always ready for providing assistance to its users via Amazon Kindle support. If the visually impaired persons encounter any problem while using kindle 2016 then they can take help from the support providers. These support providers are well versed with technical details and faults that are common in kindle.

If you find any problem in transferring contents from kindle to kindle then you can go to www kindle com support to get the resolution to your problem. If the issue has not been solved properly then there are third parties too in the market from whom you can take kindle support.

Kindle com  support

There is committed support for kindle fire tablets. If the users of this tablet want to update their device then they can take kindle fire support from the company website itself. You will able to get original files for update from the dedicated website. Kindle fire tablets are not so common these days.

If you are going to purchase a new kindle device then make sure that there is kindle help available for that device. Though, there is no major problem reported in the kindle devices so far but you must know about kindle com support. This link will help you in getting out of any problem if occurs accidentally.

Kindle 2016 is totally changed and new when compared with kindle oasis. The Company is believing that this device will have its own status in the market. To know more about the products, follow the official website that provides you complete data about the kindle 2016.