These are Amazon’s picks for best books this September

Amazon kindle store is full of good books and to settle for one is a task in itself so here we have shortlisted few books for this month those you can read in your spare time. 

We do spare some time for watching our favourite TV shows and other activities but we often tend to ignore books. But if you are looking for a good book which you can read in your leisure time or before going to bed or while commuting to work. Amazon Kindle always provides us wide variety of ebooks but you need to create Amazon kindle account. In case you want to purchase books then you have to enter Amazon card login details for making a payment.

This September you should make spare some time as Amazon is bringing Best books for the September month. You can further choose from literature and fiction, history and much more.

Special edition for this month is Affinity Konar’s “Mischling” a featured debut pick (Nathan Hill’s “The Nix: A Novel”) and apart from this eight other books also comprises our best book list. We hope that one of the recommendation will catch your eye and you will look forward to your kindle purchase. These recommendations are made by Chris Schluep, Senior Editor of Books and Kindle at So let’s discuss these top picks for this month:


It is a story of twins who were sent to Auschwitz in 1944 where they come under the control of Joseph Mengele. Konar is an uplifting writer and she lets us witness her character in our heads in a unique way and which is commendable.

“Now: The Physics of Time”

Muller’s love for physics really displays to this book and you can feel that love too.

“Juniper: The Girl Who Was Born Too Soon”

This is a touching story of a girl who faces all the tough situations and at the end survives. This book will definitely be on your mind after you read it.

“When in French: Love in a Second Language”

This is a cross-cultural memoir of American women who fell in love with a Frenchman. Here you will see many cross culture differences and her efforts to learn French.

“The Nix: A Novel”

This novel is about a failed writer whose mother supersede his writing career. It gives us a message that we should keep our memories and what we should let go.

Apart, from these there are others books from which you can choose from:

“Here I Am: A Novel”

“A Torch Against the Night (An Ember in the Ashes)”

“A Gentleman in Moscow: A Novel”

“Hero of the Empire: The Boer War, a Daring Escape, and the Making of Winston Churchill”

“Born to Run”

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