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Kindle users can’t regret their decision of buying a Kindle device because of its great functionalities and portability. Further, Kindle support which is given for each Kindle device, However, if you have Kindle fire tablet then you take the assistance of Kindle Fire support which is a team of expertise specialized in handling Fire devices .


Are you still searching for an e-reader in the market and have not come across the best e-reader. Kindle provides you basic range Kindle and it also has high-end luxury Kindle like Kindle Oasis. Kindle also get a privilege to enjoy services like Kindle Unlimited where you can choose a huge number of books after creating Amazon Kindle account.

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However, If you avail this deal and want white Kindle then you have to pay extra $20 for the ad-free unit or you have to wait for a month. Whereas black model is in stock and is available right now but the white is back-ordered until 18 October. So, choose the deal which is suitable for you and get your hands on the best e-reader and for other Kindle related queries, you can get in touch with Kindle customer service.