The Best Product Available In The Market, But It Could Be Better

This year, kindle has launched kindle oasis which has all new features which had not been seen earlier in any kindle device with a dedicated Kindle support. This device is basically for two kinds of people. One for those who strive for luxury and for those who have the love for reading. This kindle device is something which can beat any previous kindle device by a long shot. 


This device has a freshened up overhauled design which has not been seen earlier in any kindle device including a freshened up Amazon Kindle support. Other devices were on a rectangular side of view, this device actually is on a square side. All of its sides are equal. One edge, however is kept a lot broader than others. This is the side which is supposed to be to hold it. This kindle is 18mm thinner than kindle voyage. This device also has a bump downwards on the broader side. Since that side is heavier, the weight is inclined towards that side as claimed by Kindle help. It feels like holding a bound book with one hand. This also allows users to hold in a tilted manner without paining their hand.

This ergonomic design aggressively pushes one handed usage. This side is also the side where all the device drivers are located. It has a lot of buttons on this side and these buttons are used to change pages. This device has a great deal in specs. It comprises of a 6” screen with a PPI of 300. It is the same as voyage as seen on www kindle com support. However, it has ten LED backlights which ensure a brighter screen. Kindle voyage was a bit duller screen. Auto brightness has also been removed, basically ambient light sensor has been removed which used to enable auto brightness.

It is a welcome move since auto brightness and auto dimming to make users sleep was not a great feature which was told by Kindle Fire support. It has a hardware chipset inside it which has both wireless and Bluetooth capabilities but since amazon has not registered it, it is not Bluetooth active device. This device also has a lot of juice on it and battery is a lot. Page press buttons on the sides ensure that the screen is not dirty due to touching it every time.

The only reason users are refraining from buying it is the price point. For the features described above, you might be thinking that this device is just a polished version of voyage so at max it should cost around $250, however it costs at $449 as seen on Kindle com support. This price point is something why users are not going at it. However, there is one more feature which is left to talk about. It has a leather cover which looks and feels premium and the cover alone might cost $100. However, that cover also has a hidden battery pack in it which increases battery life of this kindle device by months.

Bonus features:

Users can use that leather cover as a daily use cover since it is custom made for this kindle, it does not add to the bulk and maintains the form factor. It can also be used as a charging cradle however as a cover, it is ideal. This feature justifies the price. Users, if want to buy it can use coupons to slash the price by $20 and then use the exchange offer on their old kindle and then the price point might be a good deal to buy it.

This device could have been better if waterproofing had been added along with solar charging and better sunlight readability.

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