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Have you ever wished your thumb could change the side of your e-book like we do it in real book, continuously looking through the pages of a book for particular image or passage? Sometimes we just want to check the no of chapters left for reading and how much pages are remaining yet? .This is common human tendency.

E-books in today’s generation are more convenient than having traditional books, which are difficult to carry and read. There is no zoom in or any other such feature in the traditional books but with the development of e-book you can take thousands of books with yourself in the pocket and with easy to read and zooming feature. In earlier times many of us feel tired of reading long books without any pictography but e-books have changed the face of reading, you will read a book more conveniently and easily in e-reader device.

 Amazon kindle is one of the e-reader gadget which is dedicated mainly for this purpose. Kindle allows you to read books online through kindle is mainly developed keeping in view with the bookworms. You can take Amazon Kindle Support from the Www kindle com support link available on the network. You will provide with basic details over there, which are necessary for its setup.

Kindle Design 2016

To start with your kindle e-reader you must have your Amazon Kindle Account which is required for signing onto kindle app. once you finished signing up formalities you can access the books from kindle store. If you want to change your account details afterwards then you have to go to Manage My Kindle account option available under setting option of your profile page.

Amazon is coming up with a new feature in its upcoming update for kindle e-book releasing this week. This feature is mainly to address those who are the real readers of e-books. With this newly added feature, you can easily navigate between the pages and pinning the currently opened page. This was very tedious job in physical books, of flicking a pages to skip to other section and keeping a finger in that page where you currently at. Kindle support thousands of books in its E-library which are available with the readers for reading.


This update is available over Wi-Fi for Amazon kindle, iOS, android kindle apps and fire tablets. Page flip option will save your time, place and even makes you feel easy to explore more books over the kindle. Kindle fire support for kindle fire tablets is easily available on the internet, you can take help from there in case of any problem.

To use Page flip function, just press on the center of the page. You will find zoom out tile of a page and swiping to either sides of the page will take you quickly to the other pages with same font preview. Annotation, sharing, old font style and bookmarking options will still remain on one side of the top. The progress bar will be seen at the bottom of the screen. If you are not getting these tools on your screen then you may take Kindle Help from the help option available on the main page of your device.

amazon-page-flip function

Kindle creates thumbnail of your recently visited pages, so you can go directly to that page by just clicking on its thumbnail placed at the bottom of your screen. In earlier versions of kindle, you have seen dots in the progress bars representing number of pages left but thumbnails totally replaced it.

There’s is 3×3 grid view option available on the left bottom corner of Page Flip, which offers you to view 9 pages at a time and you will feel like bird’s eye view on your e-book.

Page swapping through tiles is easy and quicker than to virtual page turning. When we compare it with the physical book in terms of full page scanning and taking of some reference from book images and charts then flip page function in e-reader beats the physical book. More functions and updates can be regularly checked through Kindle Com Support link provided on the official website of Amazon. You can try this feature without purchasing it.