Take a glimpse at these MagicJack technical issues

MagicJack is advertised as a way to save money by making calls over the Internet instead of paying money for a land-based phone line or mobiles. All that essential is a low monthly payment to do calls to companions and family and even for business use. The well-liked device is sold online and in stores. There have been issues with the device and services, however, ranging from usage problems to customer service.

Payment Issues

MagicJack comes with a 30-day trial to begin, but some issue grows when the company charges your credit card after 15 days. There are the occurrence of customers being blindsided by the amount, especially if they haven’t made an entire decision on the buys. If the customer decides not use the services of MagicJack there have been delays with the refunds being issued in a punctual manner.

Usage Issues

The installation is very straightforward and direct and makes the service facile to set up. A vital issue is not being able to make calls or stay linked to phone calls when the PC is idle or in sleep mode. The MagicJack also uses a lot of bandwidth, which can display the performance of your high-speed internet connection. If you’re a user of lower bandwidth package from your high-speed giver, your internet connection will slow down when making MagicJack calls.

Security Issues

The MagicJack uses VoIP (Voice over internet protocol) technology to permit its users to make inexpensive phone calls. However, VoIP also makes your internet connection more open to hackers. If your network is compromised, there is a risk that your phone calls can be listened to or that delicate information transmitted online like information and details of banking can be seized.

Customer Service Issues

Customer service is important in earning confidence in the latest program; with MagicJack, customer service contact is non-existent. When you purchase a service to save money like a MagicJack, you should also be able to save money of you need Magicjack Support instead of having to spend papers to get it accurately installed with the right security aspects. Once you are able to get in touch with professionals or simply with customer service, you’re not always able to get the support because most of the fixation presented are automated.


You can enhance improve the performance of your MagicJack using a few tricks. Use a dedicated PC that remains powered on when using the USB-linked device. Use a firewall to avert the connection from the intrusions of viruses and hackers.  Rest if you have an option of Magic Jack Customer Service number, simply call experts for the better solution.

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