magicjack customer service

MagicJack Benefits: How you’re communicating is going with your MagicJack service? The company has embarked its place as the key VoIP service provider for all the U.S citizens. By providing the free-of-cost communicating service, it has also become the top choice for all the U.S users out there. For a maximum number of people, having the phone at the home is quite essential, but the cost of service is actually the point where the users get tensed. Due to this reason, many people has headed to magicJack as the substitutes which easily get plugged into a computer or modem. With the use of this, there are several benefits which the people are now experiencing in a better way.

No requirement to get tied with a phone company

MagicJack stands out to be a telephone solution that doesn’t require any kind of going through the phone service provider or cable. It5 easily renders all the comfort of a regular phone service without any kind of barrier to increasing the price that keeps on changing every month. With magicJack, there is no other phone company involved. It holds up its own features, services, and troubleshooting instructions.

Prime features

It includes the bunch of prime features like Caller ID, voice mail, call forwarding, and call waiting, which is all available at no extra cost. All the users also have the unlimited calls within US and Canada at no cost.

  • Easy Installation and usage- In order to install the magicJcak service, the user just need the high-speed internet and USB device. The fine service can be installed in two ways.
  • Computer- Installing magicJack on the desktop computer or laptop is quite simple. Heading to plug the phone into the right port on the device and then plugging the fine device into the USB port on the computer is what all the users need to do. After installing on the computer, users get the choice using the desktop application which is available through the fine magicJack to simply make out the calls or heading for the phone.
  • Modem- This is the most common medium of linking it directly to the modem provided by the internet service company. The Ethernet cord plug and the phone should be directly plugged into the modem. The device gets plugged into a power outlet with including the power adaptor. This simply renders the users to with a fine direct connection, but also put a limited on the area of portability.
  • Foreseeable Billing Schedule- One of the key issues for the phone company is the foreseeable nature of the monthly bill. With magicJack, these issues get disappear, as the user just pay once for the whole year in advance along with the option of paying for five years in advance at much less rate.
  • Convenient on the go- One of the fine ability of the device is its ability to take up the phone service on the go. This works after the user just install the device on the computer. Well, if you counter any tech bug with the device, the magicJack support team is there to help you out with best solutions and guidance.