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As more and more people getting dependent on the internet, the role of routers is becoming crucial. Routers are those devices that help transmit internet signals from the source to the devices that are attached to the network.

Routers are basically used with modems, where modems act as the source of internet and routers act as a medium for transmitting those signals to the devices, which are connected to the network.

Routers are simplified devices that are easy to setup and operate. But, at times, routers can malfunction, which halt the entire flow of work. Though, fixing issues in routers are easy, irrespective of which brand you are using. But, before we go into that, it is important for everybody to know as to which are top router brands that are being used in the world.

Four top router brands that are ruling the market today are:

1. Netgear Router:

This is a US-based company that is known for superior quality products and services. Netgear routers are deemed top-class by the majority of users because of their efficiency and reliability. Netgear routers are used in companies, schools, colleges, homes, restaurants and all other places where getting the best performance from the router is a top priority for users. Netgear has emerged as one of the most reliable networking solution brand in the recent years.

2. Linksys Router:

This brand has proved its mettle in the field of networking based electronic devices. Linksys is an American company that manufactures networking hardware for home users and SMEs. Linksys has a broad range of routers, and each one of those routers is efficient and dependable. It is quite rare to see Linksys router getting broke due to any issue, but the possibility is still there. But then, there is Linksys router customer support that helps resolve issues in the router.

3. D-Link Router:

Manufactured in Taiwan, D-Link routers are used by millions of people around the world, and they all have praises for this brand. The company produces a wide range of networking hardware products, but routers are one of their flagship product. Although, D-Link routers work fine in a usual scenario, complications can arise any time due to any issue. But, there is D-Link router technical support to assist users with all those problems that arise over the course of use.

4. TP-Link Router:

This is another Taiwan based company that is basically dealing with computer and networking related products. Routers, Wi-Fi extenders, modems and Ethernet Switches are some of the most prominent products that are manufactured by TP-Link. The routers are installed quite easily, and the configuration process is simple as well. But, in case there is any problem, then TP-Link help and support remains always available at the disposal of their customers.

As Routers seem prone to technical issues, let us find out the most common ones for which the support is provided as well:

  1. Unable to connect the router to the internet.
  2. Router switching off on its own.
  3. LED lights on the router not working.
  4. Unable to reset the router.
  5. Unable to initiate the process of port-forwarding on the router.
  6. Data lost after resetting the router.
  7. Unable to update the router’s drivers.
  8. The router is online, but internet connection is not there.
  9. Unable to use MAC filtering option for securing the router.

For all these and other issues, you can get in touch with Router technical support providers. Setting up and configuring a router is a complicated process, therefore, it is better to leave it to the experts who know the right way of resolving a particular issue in the routers.

Support for Router March 20, 2018