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Antivirus is the need of time because the world is moving from physical work to digital work. In order to protect the digital work, a reliable antivirus program needs to be there. Every year, there are thousands of new viruses being left on the World Wide Web, which hits out at millions of computers and laptops, resulting in severe damage. A virus in a computer system can ruin all the data that is stored inside the hard-disk, and at times, a virus can cause damages to the hardware of the system as well.

An antivirus is a sophisticated software program, which acts a shield against virus, malware, adware and all other malicious programs that if given a chance to enter into the system can do serious damages to the data that is stored in the system. The role and responsibility of an antivirus program are to protect the computer from all such undesirable elements. There are many types of antivirus programs available on the market these days, but only 3-4 can be considered good.

Top antivirus brands are:

1. Norton Antivirus:

This particular brand is running at the top in terms of providing online security. Norton products are affordable and reliable, thus making them the number one choice among the customers. Each of Norton’s products is packed with features and tools that help protect the system from viruses, malware, adware and other malicious elements.

2. McAfee Antivirus:

This is another top-rated antivirus program that is developed by Intel Security Group. McAfee is proficient in providing protection against all sorts of unwanted software programs that float on the internet. There are many different McAfee products available on the market, with each one serving a different purpose. Usually, McAfee antivirus doesn’t malfunction or give issues, but when it does, it is definitely not a good thing, given the kind of work it is supposed to do. But, there is McAfee antivirus technical support to resolve all the issues befalling this antivirus program.

3. Kaspersky Antivirus:

Kaspersky antivirus is developed by Kaspersky Lab, and the antivirus program is currently being used in more than 20 countries worldwide. The company headquarters is in Moscow, Russia, where more than 3000 software experts are working day and night to counter virus attacks. Kaspersky is a reliable brand that provides an impenetrable shield against viruses and other harmful elements that roam around the web. In case, there is any issue in Kaspersky antivirus, then users can get in touch with Kaspersky antivirus tech support providers.

4. Avast Antivirus:

A decent number of users are using this antivirus program because it offers dozens of features that come handy when protecting computer system from virus, malware, adware and other malicious files coming from peripheral devices or through the internet. Though most people opt for a free version of this antivirus, the real features could only be enjoyed in the paid one. Avast antivirus is a decent software program, which can go wrong at times but can be fixed by taking help of an expert.

5. QuickHeal Antivirus:

One of the cheapest antivirus programs, QuickHeal antivirus offer a multitude of features pertaining to providing security against virus, malware, and adware that float online all the time. However, this antivirus program can malfunction if there is any issue in the setup files or due to any change in settings. But, all those issues can be fixed by taking the assistance of an antivirus help and support provider.

6. Bit Defender:

This is an antivirus program that is developed by Microsoft. Windows 10 comes with Bit Defender preinstalled, which is a good thing because otherwise, people will have to pay hundreds of dollars for a full version antivirus program. But, Bit Defender is not that great when it comes to keeping away viruses from the computer system. Where it blocks a significant number of virus programs, it fails to stop a few as well. Those who are using this antivirus program can contact Bit Defender help and support providers in case there is any issue in the device.

Antivirus programs themselves are solution providers, but what happens when these antivirus programs get into problems? Let us find out the most common technical problems in antivirus programs for which tech support is required:

  1. Unable to install or uninstall an antivirus program.
  2. Unable to update virus definitions.
  3. Setup files have gone corrupt.
  4. The error is shown during PC scan.
  5. Can’t install an antivirus program on iOS and/or Android device.
  6. Unable to renew antivirus product.
  7. Invalid product keys.
  8. Unable to upgrade antivirus to the latest version.
  9. Antivirus doesn’t scan in the boot menu.
  10. Problems in removing virus files from the chest.

There is no doubt upon the fact that an antivirus program can malfunction at times, but then, there is antivirus tech support facility available, which can restore the functionality of the antivirus program in no time. Therefore, you should get in touch with antivirus customer support providers in case of any trouble.

Support for Antivirus March 20, 2018