Steps to utilize the text-to-speech feature of your kindle!

Feel the e-reading setup with aloud text-to-speech feature. Know the required steps to utilize your kindle’s text-to-speech feature in a step wise way. 

The smart e-reader has already sets up its franchise with different versions. Weather it is Kindle oasis, Kindle paperwhite or kindle voyage. It’s been quite a long journey for the e-reading device in the market with arch competitors like Apple, Samsung, Nook and Kobo. With features like battery life, light shape, storing many books and saves paper, the tablet has marked its place as one of the leading e-reading service provider in the market. As we praise the device for its astonishing features, there is one key feature of the kindle tablet is the “text-to-speech” feature which read aloud the text of your speech to provide you the amazing reading experience in an efficient way. But, how well you know to utilize the “text-to speech” feature? Many of you might be aware about the feature, but still have to face various issues. In that case, you can head towards kindle Support to get the required solutions. And if the case is more than a short problem, then you can navigate to Amazon kindle support for further a

So, we are here with proper steps to make you aware about this smart feature. Let’s crack down the steps to utilize the feature-

Step 1- The first thing you need to do is simply press the power button at the bottom of your kindle to turn your kindle on.

Step 2- After the turning on process, you just need to see the list of documents you wanted to see by pressing the home button. You will be enrooted to the list of documents you have saved in your kindle tablet.

Step 3- Now, after getting the list of documents, tap over the five-way controller to steer to a document, book or any other document you want to read. Now just pin at the center of the controller to unlock the document. In case, if you have a kindle touch, then simply click the top of the screen to see the menu.

Step 4- The text key which is marked with the letters “Aa”, click over that text key which is situated on the front of the kindle. After this, tap over the five-way controller to underscore the “Turn on” option for “Text to speech”. If you got kindle touch, then simply click “Turn on Text-to-speech”, which will enable the kindle to read. You can also select the female/male voice option by clicking over the controller button, which will provide the option to select your choice of voice. You need to click the radio button to access the female/male option.

Step 5- Now, just click over the “turn on” button. The moment you click over the button, your kindle will start reading aloud the selected text from the in-built speakers or headphones. Plug your headphones into the headphone jack, which is near the “Plus/minus” volume control buttons at the bottom of the device.

Step 6- You can easily stop and resume the reading by pressing the space bar. And in case of Kindle touch, you just need to press the “Play/Pause” button to stop and start the reading.

Step 7- Well, the last step is about to stop the “Text-to-speech” reading by simultaneously tapping the “Shift” key (which is marked with an arrow) and the “Sym” key. And on the Kindle touch, click on the top of the screen to bring down the options to play/pause or “off” the reading. This is the completion of the process to unleash the utilization of this feature.You can also take Kindle Help if you are not getting these steps.

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