Broken E-Ink Display Of Your Kindle Device

You just require to login to your Amazon kindle account from the kindle device and after that, you can easily access the books available in kindle book store. If you want to purchase any EBook from the EBook store, then you need to enter the Amazon credit card login details in the relevant box to pay for it.  So, with the coming up of this device, those days are gone when you used to carry heavy books to the school.

Apart from this, your kindle should be protected from fall or any damage otherwise your E-ink display may damage or software will stop functioning properly. Perhaps you might know that if the software of your kindle device stopped functioning, then you won’t be able to use your device anymore and it will resemble as a dummy box.

Here, we want to mention that if your device is under warranty then only Amazon will replace it for free but if your device has gone out of warranty, then you will not able to replace it for free. In such cases either you can contact kindle com support link or take Amazon kindle support from the authorized service center. The screen of kindle device will be much expensive on your pocket if it needs replacement.

Today, in this blog post we are going to provide a step by step guide on ‘how to replace a damaged kindle display yourself’. There is no need to waste your precious money on it. You just read this blog post and implement the steps on your device. After reading this post, you will not find any need to take kindle help from any other link.

Broken E-Ink Display of kindle fire

What are the requirements for replacing the fractured kindle screen?

  1. You will need a new E-ink This you can order from amazon official website.
  2. Screwdriver kit, which includes flat as well as Philips head.
  3. Plastic spudger.
  • Now, remove the back cover of your kindle device and remove the battery from it. Detach and separate all the wires connected to the old screen and keyboard carefully.
  • Doff the memory card from the slot and logic board.
  • Replace the old screen with new one.

You can take help from the videos posted by some experts on an internet. The steps discussed in the videos and proper and accurate. So you can watch it for reference.

After replacing the screen, don’t forget to put back the following things on their own place.

  • The very important, keyboard.
  • Volume rocker switch.
  • On/off slider switch.

Be careful in fastening the midboard into the screen because any mistake at this level may crack the screen and your whole process will be wasted. Before tightening the midboard, ensure that all the cables are properly connected or not loose and all the holes for screw are clear otherwise, you won’t be able to join them afterward.

This is all about the process, yes after completing this process, you must run Kindle fire update on your device so that your kindle OS update to latest version for faster processing and powerful performance.

We would love to hear the experience of replacing the screen in near future from you through comments.