A Christmas Carol-kindle

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Alright so here we’re talking about, Christmas, celebration and books….so if we touched the topic of books then how can we skip the popular and legendary name of Mr. ‘Charles Dickens’, well, those who are fond of amazing creativities of this famous author, they know better what we want to say. ‘Bah Humbug’, remember anything? These wordings are the pet dialogue of Ebenezer Scrooge. Alright, we know you guys figured it out that we’re talking about the popular Charles Dicken’s popular novel- ‘A Christmas Carol’. Well, we suggest you read this amazing novel, for sure the story of this novel will take you back to old golden vintage days. To enjoy this and other novels, first, you need to make an Amazon account, after completion of the account making procedure you can enjoy the benefits of Prime Membership as well. The process of account making is really simple but still if you find any difficulty you can take Kindle Help by getting in touch with Kindle professionals. Amazon Kindle also provides the service of Kindle Unlimited which lets you explore the creations of popular authors.


Basically, this famous novel depicts the story of selfish and rude character, Ebenezer Scrooge who literally don’t give a damn to Christmas occasion, whenever someone wishes him merry Christmas in return her utters-, ‘Bah Humbug’ which means fraud or imposter. According to Scrooge, Christmas is just time waste festival there’s nothing to be merry on this day and on another hand there’s a polite character called Bob Cratchit, who works for Scrooge. Bob isn’t that rich but he considers happiness is the real property for him. Jacob Marley, a deceased friend of Scrooge, his ghost visits to Scrooge and warns him to change your nature otherwise you have to lift the heavy chains of selfishness afterlife plus he says that tonight three ghosts of Christmas will haunt the Scrooge. All those three Ghosts of Christmas (1. Ghost of Christmas past, 2. Ghost of Christmas present & 3. Ghost of Christmas future) take Scrooge to the stages of past, present, and future to make him realize, where he is wrong. You shouldn’t miss this magical novel, you won’t get that interest and please of reading the story herein brief, we suggest you run your vision on full content and live the story.

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