Kindle is very useful e-reader if you want to improve your reading skills and it amazing build in dictionary, word wise and vocabulary builder helps to make it ideal device which students can rely on for their annual spelling Bee competition.

Book clubs let you interact with your friends and various book lovers. Reading books is a good way to expand your vocabulary and you also get know many new words and spellings. There might be some words that you would have never encountered in your daily life but you can found these words in good books. Books are never ending learning process.


“Spelling Bee book club” is a fun idea to learn and enjoy various different new words. The previous champions of the Scripps National Spelling Bee said that by engaging themselves in their favorite books helped them a lot to rise the top at the annual contest.

The 2015 co-champion Vanya Shivashankar said that array of books he read helped him a lot in his Bee experience .It improved his vocabulary and build love for knowledge and learning too.

The Scripps National Spelling Bee and Kindle together are encouraging students to start their own spelling bee clubs and it is also helping them to prepare for next year’s event.

Spelling Bee Book Club basics

This club can be easily set up as teachers can use them in classrooms but students can also start it on their own.


All you need to find new friends who are willing to read together and after forming groups everyone will read the same book. After reading group meets on a regular basis to discuss the book. It includes themes, characters, and lesson they learned through and more this book.


Kindle helps students to build their vocabulary and improve their spellings. For instance, Word wise places short and precise definition and synonyms directly above the difficult words so that kids can understand the meaning thoroughly. Kindle Support is there to guide you how to use this feature if you are not able to figure it out. If you have any difficulty regarding Kindle Fire then Kindle Fire support can be of great help.

However, creating and participating in the spelling Bee book club will prepare the children for school curriculum and also will prepare them for the next year’s Scripps National Spelling Bee.

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