Simply way to save the articles from Safari to Kindle device.

Accessing the ultimate bunch of books under the kindle iOS app is the fine thing to witness with the iPhone. Well, if you are using the updated Kindle iOS app, then it will be easy for you to send out all your articles, web pages, and documents from Safari to your own kindle device.

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How your e-reading experience is going with your Kindle device? There are endless reasons to adore the classic kindle device, which simply delivers the best e-reading experience. With the bunch of astounding features and enthralling services, the mighty e-reading device has already grabbed the eyeballs of many worldwide users.

Since the launch, Amazon has always been quite active in order to better the performance of the reading device by adding many new features and updates. That is why the dynamic e-reading device is counted as one of the best e-reading devices in the global market.

Apart from the kindle device, if you are accessing the kindle books on your iPhone or iPad, then you must be aware that the Amazon’s Kindle iOS app has recently got updated with new abilities. And with the updates, it’s now quite easy to send web pages, content, and other documents viewed on the Safari to your kindle. The app also got enabled with the latest feature of “Send to Kindle”. It simply converts the files and sites when it gets sent by the Safari on your iOS device. Well, the feature is not something new actually.

According to the release notes of Kindle iOS app 5.9, “Send to Kindle- It simply allows you to save the web pages and documents to your fine kindle library. Click the share button and add the kindle as the destination. All the web pages are converted to the kindle format so that you can easily page color, text, and font, and then simply read on any kindle device or app.”

We are pretty sure that you must have now know about the feature and its usage. And now we are here with some simple steps about the way to save all your articles, web pages, and documents from Safari to your kindle.

  • Firstly ensure that you have installed the latest version of the Kindle app for your iOS device, which is 5.9. After ensuring, start the Safari and search down a page that you wish to read on your kindle device. Now, click the Share button and then More.
  • Now, head to the list of all the available apps and then simply turn on the newly added Send to kindle app feature.
  • Click Done, then click down the share button for one more time and then click the Send to kindle icon.
  • Finally, you will just need to verify that you are willing to send the Safari item, and there you will get the confirmation message that it was sent successfully to your kindle library. If get any tech bug or other issues, just navigate to www Kindle Com Support for expert assistance and solutions.

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