Kindle e -reader

Kindle is the best gadget for the persons who love reading and want to read all types of books. There are millions of different kinds of books in the e-store of Kindle. It is a device from Amazon which lets you to browse, purchase, download and read books, magazines, newspapers and other articles.

By creating an account on Amazon Register you can read all kind of book on Kindle store. You just need a good internet connection to read lots of books from Kindle store. Amazon has launched many models of Kindle device. Paperwhite is the latest model by Kindle with 6 inch full HD screen which enables its users to read clearly.

It is very difficult for elderly people to travel or go out for reading or buying books. Now there is something special for the senior citizens. The senior center of Boulder City launched a new program for seniors, which helps them to read books or other material without going out from their home. In this program senior citizen can borrow Kindle device for free and enjoying reading. Now they can enjoy the new way of reading.

This program is a combination of reading and technology. This is a good step by Senior Center and Boulder City Library. The program is made by Emily Clark who is an employee at Senior Center of Boulder City. According to her this free program will help the elderly people who cannot afford Kindle devices or internet connection. Seniors have to create Amazon Kindle Account to avail this service. After creating an account they can read what they want from Kindle store.

Amazon kindleMGM Resort Foundation is giving all the money for this program. They bought 20 Kindle devices so far. This foundation is donating money for all the expenses for this program. Seniors of Boulder city told that they are very happy with this program as they can read different material without going outside. Sheryl Calvert is an old lady in Boulder city. She said that she is not able to go outside to bring books due to her health problems. Now she can continue with her habit of reading with this program.

The Boulder City library gives cards to senior citizens for each Kindle device and they will read books without paying any fees. They can check books from their home through internet with this online library card. Seniors citizens of this center told that now they have plenty of books to read without paying any fees. They search for latest books and read whatever they want. Users of Amazon Kindle can download, purchase and read any book by making payment through Amazon credit card login. They can purchase, download and read any material from the Kindle e-store. This program from Senior Centre will definitely help senior citizens to read with the great combination of technology and reading.

How to use your Kindle: Here are the few steps which tell you how to register and use your Kindle device.

How to use your Kindle

  1. Turn on your kindle: First of all turn on your device by moving the ON/OFF button which is given on the bottom or back of the reader.
  2. Learn the control buttons: You can control your Kindle by 5 buttons. These help you to control all the tasks. These are one home button, two next page buttons, one menu button and keyboard.
  3. Turn on the Wi-Fi: you can turn on or of the wireless network by pressing menu button on home screen; here you see the WI-FI option. You can turn on your WI=FI from here.
  4. Register your Kindle: Now you have to register your device to access to Kindle store. Go to menu and open the settings. Select the register option and enter your Amazon id and password. If you do not have Amazon account you have to create one before registering.
  5. Purchase and download items: After registering to Amazon, you can purchase and download items you want to read from Kindle store. You can manage your Kindle payment settings and deliver item to your device. Now your device is ready to use.

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