Amazon’s Kindle paperwhite is a value for money device as it has many good features and great price. Here in this blog, we are going to review this device and see what all it has.

Kindle e-reader retains it’s title of being a favourite device of the passionate book lovers. Kindle device gives them leverage to take their device along with them as it is portable plus it comes at a reasonable price as well which makes it the best gifting option for voracious readers. Amazon has recently refreshed the design of its Kindle Paperwhite.(3rd generation).


Amazon has improved its device and incorporated many features like now it measures 6.3 x 4.5 x 0.36 inches and weighs over 7.0 ounces. That makes it lighter than Kobo Aura One or Amazon’s $80 vanilla and feature –lite Kindle. It is the first time Amazon is offering Paperwhite in two colors one is white and another one is black. Now, it comes in more matt look and rubberized back plate and these are the most notable changes this time.

Paperwhite comes with 6.0 –inch screen with 300 ppi E-ink display which is responsible for displaying sharp text which you will find in any book. It is further equipped with side-mounted LEDs lights which make text readable in any environment whether it is reading a book by the beach side or reading it in the darkened room.However, kindle Voyage and Oasis offer more even lighting display but they cost a lot more than Kindle paperwhite.


Apart, from the better display, it also offers different fonts and sizes which will make the reading experience pleasurable. If you are not to adjust then don’t restrict yourself in taking Kindle support from the Kindle professionals. It even supports OpenDyslexic –a typeface specially designed to avoid some of the issues that can cause reading difficulties for dyslexic individuals.


It offers, 4GB memory, The Kindle Paperwhite has the capacity to store more than thousands of books so you will never get out of books. The book you purchase from the Kindle Store is DRM protected that restricts you to use any other device other than Kindle devices. But, you can share your content with your family members. You can also sign in for Amazon’s all-you can –read Kindle Unlimited services for $10 a month. In addition to this, you can also borrow books from the Kindle Owner’s Lending Library further you can Kindle help if you are not able to figure out the process of borrowing. Moreover, Amazon Prime members can read books in the Prime Reading catalog at no additional cost.

If you want to transfer DOC/DOCX, ePub, MOBI, PDF, RTF, and TXT files to their Kindle you can easily do so by using USB but the reading experience won’t be that great as you will get from publications curated by Amazon. It is also possible to wirelessly download Instapaper clippings to the Paperwhite.

It provides excellent battery life I was able to actually read for about a month out of a single charge which is commendable for an e-reader.

What can be improved?

However, the display lighting levels of the latest Paperwhite is adjustable but it still lacks the ambient light sensor that will help it to automatically adjust its luminosity according to the ambient conditions. Also, Kindle Paperwhite don’t have capability to play sound so it is not for audiobook lovers. It also lacks physical buttons and which makes page turn bit annoying.


If you want Paperwhite with Wi-Fi option then you have to pay $120 it is further burdened with Amazon’s special offers and if you want to avoid the ads then you have to pay $20.

The price of Kindle Paperwhite with Wi-Fi and 3G connectivity is $210 and same reader with special offers and Wi-Fi option costs $140,whereas, the Wi-Fi model with special offers is priced at $120.For more information regarding prices of Kindle devices you can ring up Kindle customers service for better assistance.