Kindle Oasis beats down Apple’s iPad

Are you enjoying the e-reading experience with your Kindle? There are countless reasons to adore the fine kindle device, which has already marked its position in the competitive market. By providing the bunch of amazing features and astonishing services, Kindle device has also grabbed the eyeballs of potential e-readers across the local boundaries. Being such a fine user of the e-reading device, you must have been accessing the dynamic range of eBooks under kindle library. In case, if you ever feel to classify your collection of favorite eBooks or your whole kindle library, all you need to do is to head to the Manage my Kindle account in order to organize all the downloaded and purchased eBooks.

Being the product of Amazon, the kindle device has always got the boost up of many features and services in order to improve the performance of the device in a better way. And if you are holding up your fine Kindle oasis, then you must be having the light and best e-reading experience with your fine collection of eBooks. With the oasis versions, if you also got the mighty iPad on your side, then you may also have been tried to have the fine e-reading experience on your iPad screen. But, there are many fine reasons which can beat down the mighty Apple’s iPad. If wish to access the dazzling bunch of eBooks, then head to Kindle Login and grab your favorite eBooks.

Kindle Oasis beats down Apple’s iPad in reading

  • Being more efficient and comfortable for reading than iPad- At the first, when the mighty Amazon released oasis version of the device, many people thought about the reasons of Kindle Oasis to be different with other kindle versions. But, here Amazon not only trimmed down the oasis with in terms of size and weight, it actually make the oasis as the perfect handy e-reader. Most of the weight of the device actually relies on the side where the page turning buttons are there. For example, the weight of the kindle oasis is only 131 grams as compare to iPhone 6s plus which has 192 grams weight without any case. This easily signifies that the kindle oasis is much lighter when it comes to weight than any other model of iPad.
  • The E-ink screen is quite easier on Kindle oasis then iPad or iPhone- One of the fine reasons to prefer reading on Kindle Oasis is its easy front e-ink screen which is quite easier for the eyes to read for long hours. While the back-lit screens of the iPad and iPhone turn out quite hard on the eyes.
  • Page Buttons stands is a better option than swiping- The other reason which outshines iPad is the availability of the buttons on the kindle oasis which turns the page of any book on the device. Once you get to start reading a long book, pressing the button would simply sound a better option. The page turning buttons are so finely placed, that you don’t even need to remove the fingers from the place where they are placed.

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