Overview to Amazon Kindle Oasis 2016

Kindle is a superb E-reader developed by Amazon .several types of Kindle are available in the market you can buy any of the e reader amongst them depending upon the cost which ever suits your pocket. Price starting from £59.99 to somewhat £169 on higher side range. Some other companies also launch e- reader like Sony, nook, and kobo’s and indeed Kindle by Amazon. Kindle com support is the best support for fixing the devices.

Kindle has emerged with several features, in the initial launch of Kindle it was not possible to download a book on Kindle for this you need to take help of your computer. After downloading the data whatever you want to see can be transferred on Kindle. Moreover it seems quite obvious like if you want to present Kindle books to your friend it is not feasible for this you need to tell an Amazon code to your friend for downloading a book from Kindle.

But with advancement of technology Kindle has changed perilously in terms of both features and shape. With Kindle Oasis development in the field of e reader you need not to connect it with computer you can download any book at any time and cherish your life in the beautiful world of reading. Kindle support books from Kindle e-store only. If you use Kindle Fire tablet then you can take Kindle Fire support from its own website. Now in this blog post we will discuss about the specification and advantages of Kindle Oasis

Firstly we will discuss the specification of Kindle 2016

  • Cost of this latest e reader is £69(Wi-Fi only) to£329 with 3G and Wi-Fi connectivity.
  • Screen display: It has paper white technology with E Ink carta and additional built in light having 6 inch screen display dimension.
  • Resolution: Major improvement in terms of resolution offers 300 ppi (pixels per inch )with optimized font technology, and 16 level gray scale means provide 65536 level of luminance.
  • Size: Kindle 2016 is available with 143mm x122mm x3.4-8.5mm.
  • Weight: Kindle with only Wi-Fi connectivity having weight 131/238g and Kindle with Wi-Fi and also 3 G weight almost 133/240g.
  • Additional system engrossment: No need to connect system with it for downloading any data.
  • Built in storage: It has 4 GB memory and free cloud storage on all Amazon data.
  • Back up: If you use your device for half an hour per day without Wi-Fi connectivity then it will last for about two weeks and it may vary depending upon the Wi-Fi usage.
  • Time for charging: Time for charging is also less it will take less than 3 hours to charge from system with USB cable. Go to www Kindle com support for more information.
  • Connectivity standard: It is used for both public and private Wi-Fi networks and hotspots with 802.11b, 802.11g or 802.11n standard with support in WEP, WPA AND WPA2.

Advantages of Kindle Oasis- now we will discuss the advantages of Kindle Oasis.

  1. In terms of shape of  Kindle Oasis it is designed broad at one end along with two physical buttons, and other  side of device it has power and charging port.it has very unique design if you want to read a book in comfortable position or sleeping posture you can read without any worry of being dropped from your hand. Go to Kindle help for more specifications and features.
  2. Shape and color of the cover are the two main factors which attract the customer these days. Kindle Oasis are available in magnificent black and merlot cover options. This is a joint effort by the Amazon marketing team and its structure expert.
  3. The charger in this cover is connected through magnetically. You don’t need to connect to the charger. The cover gets charged through USB charger.

What will you feel after reading on Kindle? Amazon Kindle is designed with 60 percent more led lights on screen which gives your eyes a very comfortable reading as compare to tablets. It has a dictionary and thesaurus feature which shows how much you read and how much is left behind. Take Amazon Kindle support from the website if any query related to this.


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