Support For OUTLOOK

Our certified experts will help you to:

  • Perform standard or custom Microsoft Outlook Express installations*
  • Repair Microsoft Outlook Express installations
  • Setup and configure e-mail accounts (POP, SMTP, IMAP, Microsoft Exchange, Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo Mail) **/li>
  • Restore e-mail backups from older versions of Microsoft Outlook to current / desired version
  • Migrate from Microsoft Outlook Express to Windows Live Mail
  • Estimated Resolution Time: 1/2 – 2Hours

Every succeeding Microsoft® Outlook brings with it significant improvements. Your copy of Outlook 2010 carries on with the tradition and has become smarter, easier to use and is more compatible with other software. You now get a host of advanced features including an office communicator, office mobile service integration, split message feature, screen capturing tools and so much more.
Certified technicians assist you in implementing Microsoft Outlook as a stand- alone application or with Microsoft Exchange Server and Microsoft Share Point Server for multiple users in an organization. Our technicians walk you through the entire process of using Share Point lists, shared mailboxes, calendars, exchange public folders and meeting schedules. We also support you at configuration of third party add on application that integrates Outlook with devices such as BlackBerry mobile phones and Windows Mobile phone devices which can synchronize all your outlook data to Outlook Mobile.
The current version available for Windows is Microsoft Office Outlook 2013 and for Mac is Microsoft Office Outlook 2011. There are third-party add-on applications that put together Outlook with devices such as BlackBerry mobile phones and with other software’s such as Office and Skype internet communication. Adding up, Windows Mobile devices can harmonize almost all Outlook data to Outlook Mobile. Manage your contacts and schedule with ease.

We also offer service pack in affordable prices for windows Update & Upgrade, Virus Removal, Operating System Support, Internet Related Assistance, Printer Support, Wireless router Support, Email support, iPod, digital camera and other computer Peripherals support. You can get unlimited support for all these issues by subscribing to our plan..

Also provide services on

  • Custom settings, function, or appearance
  • Fix security, privacy, performance, errors or crashes
  • Install or upgrade
  • Send, receive or format e-mail
  • Set up e-mail or views
  • Use Contacts, Calendar, Notes, or Tasks
  • Product support lifecycle (end of support)
  • Other

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Had A fantastic experience with US Live Support (Bryan Stanley).

Raymond (raym1688@hotmail.com) :-
I have called many technical support companies but that was all wastage of my time and money.Finally i got this number and thanks to ossoftwares , they fixed my outlook and now i am all set to go.It was nice experience altogether

Cindy Richmeier says :-
I was shocked because my friends was getting email from my aol account but i never send those kind of mails to my friends . I was surprised to know when they call me and said i have send some weird emails from me . I have tried to change my password many times but nothing happened , finally i got ossoftwares and they did a very good job and informed me that they are putting some filters and scanned my mails and finally issue resolved and now i am happy that no one is getting any kind of weird email. Thanks to ossoftwares and their Team .