The most reputed name in e-readers manufacturer has now announced that they are providing free access to the Kindle e-books for their Amazon prime members. The company has exclusively launched this scheme for their valuable prime members. It is a great initiative to encourage book lovers.

Users can have an access to over a thousand of books and can also read various magazines on the Kindle store. The company is also providing the best in class Kindle Support for their customers so as to help them in getting the best out of their device. The company has stated that this initiative is getting a huge response and they have already provided a large number of books to the readers.

How to get free access to the e-books over the Kindle store:


If you own a Kindle device, then you can easily have an access to the free services that are provided by the company for its customers. For this, you just need to subscribe to the Amazon prime membership. This membership helps you in delivering your orders with a faster delivery options without any extra charges. This will also provide you the free access to the e-books and magazines of your choice. You just need to select the books which you want to read and download for free. For detailed information regarding the offer you can visit the official website at www kindle com support and they will get in touch with you and will eventually help you in getting the best out of your Kindle device. Moreover the company provides a proper service for their customers and they leave no stone unturned in satisfying their clients. Kindle Help is a good service provider in its class and they are always available to serve you the best.

Different issues that can be faced while downloading the e-books from the kindle store


Downloading the e-books from the Kindle store can be a difficult task for the user having a little or no knowledge about the device. For them, the best solution is to get in touch with the support team immediately for an instant support. Make sure that you have your device handy and you are having proper information regarding the issue that you are facing. Some people can often face an issue that may prevent the downloading of the new e-books from the store. This can be due to a low memory issue on the device. For this you must check the available memory on the device by going to settings and memory options. If the memory is sufficient and still you are facing difficulty, then it is strongly recommended that you must seek for help at Kindle Com Support. Moreover, you can easily get in touch with them through a phone call. The customer care number is provided over the sales package of the device and is also available on the official website of Amazon.

E-book downloaded successfully but is not opening


Many people often face some issues in opening the downloaded file. This can be possibly due to a corrupted file download from the store. It can be caused due to a third party download. Make sure you have all the genuine copies of the books on the device. You must delete the existing their party book and must download the genuine book from the Kindle support. Apart from this, kindle customer service is easily available to help you out in any difficulties that are preventing any downloading or opening of any files or e-books that you have downloaded. For more information you can visit the official website and search for these kinds of issues.