Today, in this blog post I will let you know about the features and other marvellous things that you can enjoy on $50 kindle fire tablet. The most important thing that everyone is curious to know about it is that you can easily play games and shop for apps from google play platform in this device. In new kindle update, this feature is inbuilt and you can directly open the Google menus from the home screen of your amazon device. So from my opinion, I don’t think that you will get anything better in this same price other than kindle.

Like all other kindle fire models, the shipping facility is also available for this cheapest model and you can experience the same stuffs on this kindle as you do on higher end models. Another deal or you can say opportunity given by the amazon to its customers is that if you order for more than 6 kindle at the same time, then you will get each tablet for $43 only. So this deal is indeed a bonanza for you. If you want any further clarification regarding the same, then you can take Kindle help from www kindle com support link. The amazon is providing lots of exciting games, apps and multimedia in its virtual shelves, so it is the right time to grab this opportunity before it ends. The company has started selling this low cost product with the aim to provide E-reader in everyone’s pocket. Moreover, the company is selling this product at very less margin so as to advertise its range of products.


Recently Amazon has also released a Kindle Paperwhite update for its Paperwhite model to fix the bugs reported in the previous firmware versions.

If you compare google play with the Appstore, then you will not get as many apps in Appstore as you will get in google play. However, the important and trending apps like YouTube, Gmail, Netflix and Hulu will remain absent in Google play platform but there’s nothing to worry. You can easily download these apps from an internet and there is no need to Root a device for running these apps. If you find any problem in installing these apps in your device, then you can take Amazon kindle support from the official amazon kindle fire link. You will find that the process of installation, described on this link is not very hard to implement on your device. There is no need to take help from anyone after reading steps from the site.

According to one of the renowned company, the process for installing a google play in your system is very easy. Just Run a batch file and wait for few seconds till the process gets completed. Run an update for google play file before opening it so that all the services get updated. You can now shop from Google play services without any hassle.

If you are facing any problem in running a batch file on your system, then you can follow step-by-step instructions provided on the official google link. One important thing to mention here is that don’t forget to install ADA in your kindle because this is must for Google play services. So, I hope this process of installation will surely going to help you and save your time.