Not able to download Kindle Books on Apple iPhone

A few months back, I brought a kindle for my personal use and started using it. Everything was running perfectly on it and I was able to download books easily without taking any kindle support from the link.Unfortunately, I lost my marvellous kindle device.

I downloaded the kindle app on my apple iPhone as an alternate to this from kindle com support link. Now I started using my iPhone as I am using kindle. Botheration to keep both the devices safe and careful was also vanished as I was left with only one device in hand.

Now the time has come, when I tried to buy a new book from my kindle app in iPhone. I opened the kindle app and searched for ‘The Everything Store’ title on it. The app produced very attractive cover page including dozen of intro pages with it. I started reading them cheerfully but after sometime the free part was ended and I was prompted to download the full book.

I decided to buy the book from kindle app and started messing with it for 10 mins to find out the way to buy book from this platform. I wandered around here and there and even contacted at Amazon kindle customer service number but I was surprised to see that Amazon, which is known for its user-friendly interface and easy to buy stuff ability was totally proved fake in my case. I acted repeatedly to find the possible way. I could barely add the book to ‘my wish list’.

After trying a lot, I come to an end that the problem is within the kindle app only, which doesn’t allow me to purchase this book. This was absurd but I supposed that it had anything to do with apple harsh policy ‘pay a commission else’. After a while, I came to know that this problem is due to the Apple itself. The apple company was restricting me to buy the stuffs from Amazon site because of their certain policies and commitments. I tried to find out its solution on www kindle com support link but didn’t get success.

So, I un-installed Amazon app from my iPhone. I used to have this app for ordering all my stuffs, including shoes, speakers and table.

With infuriated mind, I posted my query on twitter that what is the problem. Many users immediately replied to my question and said that this is due to apple greediness. The company is demanding 30% commission from all the amazon stuffs that’s why iPhone users were not able to download any stuffs from the amazon link. Apple is also selling its own eBooks and it doesn’t allow its users to purchase Books from any other source other than apple. Many iPhone users have also expressed their frustration on Twitter for the same issue. They come to know about it after getting kindle help from the support link.

This was totally an awkward problem. I was surprised at Apple Company that feels pride in serving its own customer in an easy and faster way that how this company can annoy its users for this petty issue. But the greediness of Apple Company had totally changed my opinion towards it. The way they were demanding 30% commission on every stuff was totally outrageous. On the other side of coin, I was grateful to the amazon for providing all the stuffs to its users at rock bottom prices and that too at your door step.

I now realised that apple wants to earn maximum profit to become richer. Though, I am the shareholder of this company but still I faced problem.

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