Kindle new features

The cheapest of all the Kindle devices is going to be launched on July 20. Let us check out what this device has got.

Amazon has already launched a new Kindle device this year, i.e., Kindle Oasis. Everybody thought that this was the only product that they were going to see in 2016, but no, Amazon is about to launch one more product, one more Kindle device, which is regarded as the cheapest Kindle ever. Oasis as we all know is a device that has a distinguished physical design and a new charging cover that is going to make this device work for a good amount of days. But, it is the most expensive Kindle device and everybody can’t afford to buy it. This is perhaps the reason that the company is planning to launch another device and it is going to be out on 20th of July. It can be called as the entry-level Kindle e-reader. More information on the same can be obtained from www Kindle com support website.

The specifications of Kindle 2016

  1. The screen of the device is a 6-inch glare free screen that has 167 PPI.
  2. The device can be connected to the internet connection via Wi-Fi, plus there is Bluetooth given as well.
  3. The turning of page can be done with touchscreen option.
  4. The device comes with 512 MB RAM and 4 GB of storage.
  5. The dimensions of the device is 160 mm x 115 mm X 9.1 mm.
  6. Battery life of the device is approximately six weeks if the daily usage is around half an hour.

The design of Kindle 2016

Kindle  Design  2016

The weight of the device is just 161 grams, which makes it 16% lighter than other Kindle versions. Moreover, this weight is quite great keeping the display size in mind, which happens to be 6 inches. This Kindle device is just 9.1mm thick and its thickness can be compared to iPad Air or iPhone. The device is 11% thinner than its previous versions.

This new Kindle device comes in two colors, i.e., black and white, which is a great feature because other versions were just present in black color. In case of any problem, get in touch with Amazon Kindle support providers.

Display of Kindle 2016

There hasn’t been any significant improvements in the display of Kindle 2016. The pixel per inch has not been improved, so Kindle users will have to compromise a bit on this display part. The Amazon’s E Ink technology has been incorporated into the display of this Kindle device that also has 167ppm and 16-level grey scale. Moreover, there is no provision made for the users to read books in the low light, as there is no built-in light given in the Kindle device. People can only read books in a room with proper lighting. Display related issues will be handled by the Kindle help and support providers at Kindle com support.

The connectivity, storage, RAM and battery of Kindle 2016


This new Kindle device has got 512 MB of RAM, which is greater than the previous versions. The loading of the books and the page turning speed is going to be faster in this Kindle. The battery power remains the same, but the company claims that it can last for many weeks, if the daily usage is not more than 30 minutes.

The storage capacity of the device is 4 GB, but only 3 GB can be used by the people. This storage capacity is good enough to store thousands of books. This number is a lot more than what you would have gotten in Kindle Fire even after getting Kindle Fire support. Moreover, there are two flavors that people are going to get in this new Kindle, these are; Kindle with special offers and without special offers. Special offers refer to the advertisements, so people opting for the special offers version will have to bear the ads pop up on the home screens of their Kindle devices.

To download the e-Books, people can make use of their Wi-Fi connection. There isn’t any option for the 3G Data option. The option of Bluetooth is also given, which is very useful for the people with visual impairment. Bluetooth will enable the wireless connection to all the Bluetooth enabled devices.

Released date and price of Kindle 2016

This device is supposed to be released on 20th of July with new editions that we have discussed above. For better information, kindly log onto Kindle com support or get in touch with the company’s rep over a call.