New Amazon Kindle Is Not For Reading EBooks But For Challenging Its Rivals

Today, we are going to discuss features of this amazon kindle fire tablet in this blog post that are going to unleased in the market on the following week. For more update, you need to keep in touch with kindle com support link.

kindle fire usremote support

  1. The new kindle fire tablet is loaded with android OS and cost$200, which is far cheaper than apple iPad.
  2. The Android interface is also user-friendly and easy to use in this device. Kindle support android based interface in its fire series models.
  3. There is no camera, no GPS in this kindle fire model.
  4. The main purpose for which it has been developed is; to run amazon apps from store. There’s an online simulator in this device, which lets you to play games online without installing them on the device. You have option to download app even from any other android store.
  5. This device is not meant for reading but for streaming music from Amazon cloud Drive. For more information, you can go to www kindle com support
  6. This device is not data enabled and you can’t download Books through Wireless network even as this device is not for reading. If you find any problem in streaming the apps, then you can take kindle help from kindle fire support help
  7. The Bookworms, who love to use kindle for reading EBooks can use this kindle for long time reading and its screen light intensity will remain easy for eyes. According to the Jeff Bezos, the company has released two new models keeping in view the interest of Bookworms and slashed the price of an old model to $80. The new touch screen model is available for $100.
  8. This new amazon device is coming with the one month trial package for shopping over Amazon prime. You can shop for movies, music and apps from this platform.
  9. You can use this device for browsing purpose. The amazon is planning to speed up the browsing on the device by integrating cloud computing processors and introducing new browser called ‘silk’. For more information and support, you can contact Amazon kindle customer service.
  10. You can access the files stored in your Amazon cloud storage for free. Tere is no need to worry about storing the contents in your device as the amazon cloud drive is so cool that it can store all your data online from where you can retrieve it anytime with the help of Wi-Fi connection. Kindle fire tablet comes with 8GB of internal storage that is not sufficient to store plenty of stuffs. The contents, you once upload on your cloud drive will store permanently there, until you delete them.

More details of this new tablet are going to be available soon on the Amazon kindle support page. This will be the first fire tablet in the market that will be available for you in just half the price of cheapest iPad. This is supposed to be a dent for an iPad market till date.