Most Common MagicJack issues 2017

Most Common MagicJack issues 2017: Being a user of magciJack you are free to grab the accurate steps to resolve the usual issues of your magicJaclk then you need to check these facile steps.


Fix a MagicJack DownloadResolve issues that hinder your magicJack from permitting you to make calls by upgrading the authentic software. Users of magicJack sometimes find that they are unable to get their device to function accurately, due to the device not being identified or calls not linking. If you uninstall the ‘mjusbsp’ folder from the ‘AppData’ folder’ of your system, along with the appropriate registry file, may fix or resolve your problems without the need for further download. If you still struggle with issue placing and getting calls, magicJack upgrade is essential, you need to download.

The following requirements are important

  • Internet connection
  • Alternative phone
  • You need to unplug your magicJack from your system (PC), then step forward to ‘AppData’ folder your computer. Now navigate to ‘Start’. ‘computer’, ‘C:/Documents and Settings/UserName/AppData’
  • Now delete ‘mjusbsp’ from the list that emerges in the folder name, ‘AppData’. Make a right click on the folder file, then do a selection of ‘Delete’ with the help of your mouse.
  • You need to open RedEdit and efface the accurate folder. Navigate to ‘Start’, type ‘RegEdit’ into the search space, then do a selection of it from search results by hitting a click on it. Now delete “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Enum\USBSTOR\Disk&Ven_YMAX&PROD_MagicJack&Rev_2.00” from the registry by stepping ahead of it, right- clicking, then selecting ‘Delete’ from the pop-up menu.
  • You need to plug your magicJack into your computer’s backside USB port after closing RegEdit. Check out your magicJack by placing the phone call to an alternative phone line. Make a call on your magicJack number from separate phone list so you can check and ensure that device is able to get the phone call as well. If your issue remains then continue reading.
  • You need to Download and install the MagicJack upgrade software. Step ahead to “” and hit a click on “Save File”.When your eyes catch dialog box emerges on your display then you need to follow the on-screen steps or directions that emerge to finish the software upgrade. Your magicJack’s drivers and software will be up to date and your device calls should no longer be stalled. For more accurate assistance, you can make a call on Magic Jack Customer Service number as well.

Broken magicJack PLUS VoIP Phone Adapter

Issue: Broken USB power adapter. If you shop it from eBay then it will cost you around $9.

Solution: Bought generic iPod/iPhone USB wall charger, again if you purchase this from eBay then it will simply cost your $3 (or purchase from any trustworthy store).

When the device is powered on the phone was it was just in silent mode. We looked at the magicJack and realized that the blue light of box wasn’t on. From time to time it would blink. We attempted unplugging and trying in a separate outlet, but we faced the similar result.

In next test, you need to plug into a USB connector on PC. As soon, as we did that, the device was identified by the system and the box started to flash the blue light. That was good news. We went online regarding check the replacement USB adapter. The magicJack power USB adapter sells for about $9 on eBay. For any Magicjack Support, you can get in touch with professionals.

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