Meet Japanese wraiths in Kindle Library

Kindle library is providing you some soul trembling scary Japanese stories. If you’re a fan of horror genre then go for below given books.

O genki desu ka (How are you) Kindle e-reader lovers? As we know the Kindle Unlimited landed on the platform of Japanese Kindle devices a few days back and for any new Amazon kindle Update or info, you can navigate to Amazon’s official site. As we all know what Kindle Unlimited is? If you have the subscription of Kindle Unlimited Service, then you can explore the popular authors and their well-liked creativities.

You all heard the various stories regarding inspiration, motivation, love, sad, romantic etc. means of all genres and how can we forget the ‘horror’ genre? Perhaps you read a lot of horror stories, but here we’re Kindle Unlimited bringing you some ‘Japanese horror’ stories. You can also Download kindle app more e-books. So below given Japanese ghost stories are going to give an unpleasant dream.

Kindle Unlimited and Kindle Edition:

• Okinawa Kwaidan 2, More True Japanese Ghost Stories and Hauntings (Kindle Unlimited)

Be honest, whether we talk about Japanese films or stories both are enough to snatch our sleep, just start reading once and the story will make you feel that you’re not lonely reading the story. Basically, this book is a bunch of paranormal activities related to Okinawa (Southern tropical islands of Japan, a place who saw the bloodbath of World War II). If you want to see the terror of White Lady of Fukugwa falls, and fear of various creepy tales, then step inside this book.

Kamakura Kwaidan True Japanese Ghost Stories and Hauntings(Kindle Unlimited) Kindle Support

Kamakura is the Japanese tourist destination and the hub of non-living creatures. May be streets, cherry trees are fascinating but also embraced the various horrific tales. Ron Dutcher, who also wrote ‘Owkinawa Kwaidan’, again introducing you to some terrific nightmare.

Apparitions: Ghosts of Old Edo (Kindle Edition)

Often dark past haunts you badly, award-winning author, Miyuki Miyabe depicting the story of Ghosts of early modern japan. Perhaps words are not enough to describe the spooky terror, so it’s better if you fetch this book from Kindle’s library and feel the fear.

Lafcadio Hearn’s The Faceless Ghost and Other Macabre Tales from Japan: A Graphic Novel (Kindle Edition)

You heard of souls, ghosts, demons, and devils etc. but what if, a faceless ghost emerges in front of you? What will be your wording? Maybe nothing because this kind of creepy creature will make you voiceless for few seconds or minutes. You will take your time to wake yourself plus understand that you just saw a dream or it happened in real? If you want to feel the paranormal fear, the go for this book and meet the traditional ghosts, myths, and mysteries of Japan.

One Man Hide and Seek: A Japanese Urban Legend Short Story (Kindle Edition)

What if you offer a doll instead of a human body to restless spirits who are hovering around us? Well, that’s become most dangerous and scary when any restless soul possessed the doll. So think twice before summoning or attempting any lethal ritualYou can go for these stories (available on Kindle), or you can choose your own by stepping ahead to Amazon’s official site. And as we know that Kindle fire is series of tablets, if you’re facing any technical mess within Fire device, then you can ask for any kind of Kindle Fire Support or assistance by contacting the Kindle professionals.

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