What’s up Kindle user? Do you have this popular device, kindle? If yes then now you can make your Kindle Fire kid-friendly device. All you need to do is just run your vision to following wordings.

As we know that kids love technology, plus a children brain capture the technical activities so quickly, and obviously you want to apply some kind of protection to make sure that your kids and your tablet both stay safe. If you’re a Kindle Fire user, then instead of rushing here and there you can get in touch with professionals for any kind of Kindle Fire Support.


Fortunately, Amazon’s well-liked tablet has a fine range of parental controls to help keep youngsters well away from whatever it is you’d like to shepherd them – and in this direction, we’ll explain in facile language preciously how to find and use them.

Step 1: Set up a master password

From the Home screen of Kindle Fire, you need to make a tap on the Settings icon (swipe down from the apex in case you unable to see this).

Move the Parental Controls after making a tap on Parental Controls, switch to the On position- You will see the orange indicates On.

Jot down the password and tap submit, then re-type it as confirmation. For more Kindle Help you can visit Amazon’s official site.


Step 2: Block browsing, communications, and social sharing

The first three options in parental Controls are really simple plus everyone can understand them-Three buttons have the ability to block access to the web browser, contacts, the email, calendars app plus ability to use the social-sharing tools of Kindle Fire.

You can enable all these things are by default block with Parental Controls, which means that no-one can access them without jotting in the master password (set in Step 1).

To touch the settings, just make a tap on the relevant orange-colored Blocked button and it will turn to a grey colored button labelled Unblocked. By tapping again you can reverse your choice. For more assistance you can step ahead to Kindle Com Support.


Step 3: Protect purchases and playback

Enable the next options to need the master password to be entered for buys made via Amazon Store and Shop apps- just tap to move the slider to On.

Similarly, shifting Password-Protect Video Playback to On will see a password request pop up whenever someone tries to view or video footage.


Step 4: Choose which content to block

Now make a tap on Block and Unblock Content Types so you can see the categories of content to which you can block access.

For ex. If you want to avert users accessing images stored on your Kindle Fire, then make a tap on the Unlocked button next to Photos so that it switches to Blocked- and anyone trying will be asked to jot the master password.

After making your choices you need to tap the Back button (a left-pointing arrow at the screen’s foot) to come to the Parental Controls screen.


Step 5: Prevent all online access and location services

The first of the final 2 options are pretty drastic- Change Password-Protect Wi-Fi to On and anyone wanting to receive online with your Kindle Fire will require to jot down the master password.

The final option does the similar thing for the built-in location services of Kindle Fire, meaning the user will require to fill in the master password to reveal their location to the outside life.


Step 6: Try Kindle FreeTime

Finally, with the Parental Controls aspect enabled (check step 1) you can make use of your device FreeTime- a special app that permits you to set a ‘walled garden’ of content for children, planted through content that’s already on your tablet device so that nothing extra can be downloaded from the internet.

Make a tap on Kindle FreeTime icon followed by Get Started, then fill up your password followed by submit.

You need to use the Add Chill Profile screen so you can set up profiles for many children, tapping Next when completed. Now make a tap on child’s profile icon, tick the content they can use then hit a tap on Done. If didn’t get this or some other point then you can take Kindle Support by ringing up them.


Tap the profile of kid to launch their FreeTime walled garden. When in FreeTime, they can’t run without entering the password of Parental Controls.

To come outside, from the Home screen you need to tap the Menu button at the apex left (three stacked lines) then make a tap on Exit Free Time.