magicjack no sound issue

How are you doing with your MagicJack device? In the list of trending voice over internet protocol services, the dynamic magicJack device has marked itself as the top-rated product of the year which has accepted by almost all the US and Canada users.

With the simple installation, the magicJack device is rendering the free call services to all the US and Canada users in a fine way. Apart from this, the company is continuously quite active regarding improving the functions and the call quality of the device to provide the better voice quality to all the users out there. It also stands out to be the perfect reason that the company is making its impact in the working countries.

Apart from this, the device has also got an app which is available for all the iOS and Android users. All those users who are carrying a smartphone on their side can easily make free calls from their smartphone phone to all their friends and relatives living within US and Canada. To get the app, just head on to the play store or app store to download and install the app. After installing, simply enjoy the best free calling service.

Well, we are aware that you must have been doing well with your magicJack device, but there are some of the instances when the users get the “No Sound” bug with the device. That’s why we have come up with the steps that you should take when you face the No sound or no audio problem:

Plugged in by using the router/wall:

You can dictate the sound with your physical phone by itself, just make sure that the volume is turned up on the headset.

magicjack no sound issue

Plugged into the Computer

1) Head straight to the dial pad of the magicJack and then choose the “Menu” button in the top left corner of the app.

2) Now you will require heading to the “Volume/Headset Controls.”

3) Just verify that the right device has chosen, either the “Telephone” if a telephone has plugged into the magicJack device or the “Headset/Other” if you are accessing the headset or computer speakers.

4)  In the case, if you are using up the headset or computer speakers, under the “Speaker/Earpiece,” “Ringing,” and “Microphone” options, then ensure that the right device has chosen.

5) Now ensure that the “Input volume” and “Output volume” are correctly set and not muted.

magicjack-no sound

If the above steps doesn’t work

For all Windows Users

1) Head on to the notification panel on the taskbar, then right-click the speaker icon and then head to the “Playback Devices.”

2) In the “Playback” and “Recording” tabs make sure that the device that you are willing to use with the magicJack have set as the default communication device.

3) Now head on to tap each of the default communication devices that you have chosen.

4) After the previous step, head to the “Properties” and then “Levels” and make sure that they have been set to the maximum volume and not muted.

 Still, if this also doesn’t work, then navigate to magicJack support for professional guidance and solutions.