magicJack Connect

If you are a new user of the magicJack VoIP services, then there is a fine way to “install the magicJack service” in a proper way. 

MagicJack Installation: How you’re communicating is going with your MagicJack service? The company has been already positioned itself as the main VoIP service provider for all the U.S citizens. By rendering the free-of-cost communicating service, it has also become the top choice for all the U.S users out there.

With the pace of technology, the VoIP service has been evolved and grown up in a fine way. Getting compared to the traditional telephone service, there are some of the customers who still believes that the traditional telephone service is way better than the VoIP service. But it’s actually not quite true, as, with the advancement of technology, the VoIP service has got improved and reliable than the traditional telephone service. And if you take the cost factor, the VoIP service are much better or even same with the cheapest landline phone service. This is the reason that the fine VoIP service has managed to have the fair percentage of users in U.S and Canada. Being a new user, if you struggles to connect MagicJack, there is an easy way to kick start your experience with your VoIP service in a better way.

In order to link with a high-speed modem:

  • Firstly you need to plug in the provided Ethernet cord into the port which is labeled as “The INTERNET”.
  • After plugging the Ethernet cord, you need to plug-in the “PHONE” port on your own magicJack.
  • Now head on to link the given power adaptor to the USB of magicJack. Make sure that you are not using any other adaptor, as it could lead to any kind of consequence.
  • Now, head on to plug the magicJack into the power outlet.
  • After that, pay your visit to on the computer, smartphone or the tablet.
  • Do follow up all the on-screen instructions to register with your correct personal information. During the whole registration process, you will be provided the option to choose a fine number.

Important Note: You need to make sure that the smartphone, tablet or the computer must be linked with the same network as the magicJack after finishing the registration process.

MagicJack is actually simple to set up with the computer. In order to make all the calls, you just need to access the magicJack desktop app or the home phone.

magicJack installation

In order to link with the computer:

  1. Head on to plug in the phone into the “PHONE” labeled port on magicJack.
  2. Simply link the given USB extension to the magicJack. In this process, this step is optional.
  • Now head on to plug the magicJack into the USB port on the computer.

For installing the magic jack and kick starting to make calls:

After plugging the magicJack for the very first time, you can simply expect to receive and make calls in a fine way. Even at the time of basic registration, you will also get your brand new telephone number. At the next time, you can access it in within few seconds. In case, if you get any kind of tech barrier, you can simply navigate to magicJack installation for expert assistance and solutions.