MagicJack App for iPhone: Unlimited free calling within US

magicJack App for iPhone: You have possibly heard of the magicJack phone service that permits you to make unlimited free calls within the United States and Canada for the price of the needed hardware and your internet connection. The magicJack iPhone app lets you do the similar thing from your iOS device, only you don’t have to pay for it all.

Like most VOIP apps, you can make calls over Wi-Fi or 3G. You can make a call straightly from the app without even signing up if you’re eager- or if you require calling from a nameless, disposable number. Going through the very facile sign-up procedure will assign you your own number, however, so that is a bonus if you’d like to make most of your calls from the app. If you already own a MagicJack you can use the similar account on your iPhone so the number can be shared. magicJack allows you access your iPhone contacts and any contacts saved to your magicJack account so you do not have to keep in mind any phone number.  Like most VOIP apps on the iPhone, the call excellence is a little bit good than what you get with AT&T

There are not many downsides, as it’s hard to complain about a free app that lets you make free phone calls across most of North America, but one thing that’s kind of odd is that when you call an iPhone contact it displays their number instead of their name. You still choose their name just like you would in the built-in phone app, but when calling it displays their number instead (you can see this in the screenshot up to top). Moreover- and this is odder than anything else- there’s dedicated button on the dialer to the stock price of magicJack. We are not sure why that’s such a noticeable part of the app, but it’s not really an issue.

The bottom line is this:

If you wish to make free VOIP calls to the landline phone in the United States and Canada from your iPod, iPhone, or iPad, download “magicJack App for iPhone“. It works well and will not cost you anything outside of what you’re already paying for wireless internet/cellular data.

Rest if you’re already using magcJack and facing any technical mess then you can make a call on MagicJack Support number  TOLL-FREE +1 (844) 305-0087 for better fixation.

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