Latest ‘Page Flip’ feature in the Kindle e –readers and Fire Tablets

As we know if utter out the word e-readers, then ‘Kindle’ is the name that strikes in our mind. Well Amazon keep on adding new features to improve upon its Kindle devices, if we talk about the latest feature, then Page Flip is the latest feature though which readers can navigate Kindle e-readers and all types of Amazon Kindle devices easily. For more information regarding this feature or for any technical support you can take Kindle Help. 

Now without having to tag your stock of books around, Kindle e-readers offer the convenience of reading books. This advanced technology comes at price. You just need to create an Amazon Kindle Account, then you can get all updates regarding new Kindle devices and their new features. While it may not feel like holding a real book or thumbing through pages, now you can easily flip back and forth between pages, with the help of this new Page Flip feature. For readers it wasn’t easy on previous Kindle.

“Page Flip makes it easier than ever to refer back to pictures in a political memoir, flip back and forth between a map and your current page in an epic fantasy series, or find passages you’ve highlighted in an investing guide.”- Said Chuk Moore (Vice President, Kindle).

Amazon Page Flip on Kindle e-readers and Fire tablets

Book readers actually gets an entire process of reading on Kindle e-readers closer to the experience of reading a real book, and it all happens just because of new Page Flip. This feel of reading a real book will show magic when you engage yourself in the books like The Other Boleyn Girl or Lord of the Rings. Rest by navigating to Kindle Com Support, you will get an accurate assistance plus more details about Kindle devices.

You just need to touch the page to explore the other parts of book and the book zooms out. Shortcut button will give you a bird’s eye view of the book, to switch chapters. A tiny thumbnail on the bottom of the screen is used to pin a page and save your place.


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