Kobo is a competitor to Kindle, well both devices are best at their places but upcoming Kobo Aura One holds more features, those Kindle Oasis lacks.

As we all know the well-liked name, Kindle and whenever we talk about the real book reading experience then Kindle is the name which strikes our mind. Being a user of this amazing device you are free to ask or take any kind of Amazon Kindle Support, Kindle experts will give you the satisfactory solution. Well, now what if we say, there is more device that acting as a competitor of it? If you heard of Kobo, a Canadian company well known for their e-readers, e-books and tablet computers. Now you all be thinking how this device is giving competition to kindle,  well, first of all, we would like to tell that Kobo Aura One, an e-ink slate grasps some features which Kindle Oasis doesn’t have. You can imagine the level of competition by this that the most expensive –reader of Kindle e-readers series haven’t some features those Kobo Aura have.

Let’s talk about those aspects, firstly Aura One features a 7.8-inch display but it doesn’t mean Kindle is knocked out by this device, we have to say that both devices are working hard to present their best work. The device is 6.9mm thick and holds the weight of 0.5 pounds. We cannot say that this device is at the apex and that device is tasting floor, both are the best at their own side. Kindle users can step ahead to Www kindle com support for any kind of succor.

Water-Proof Device:


Kobo Aura One will be available on September 6th and this device is totally waterproof, yes you heard right, the device is completely waterproof now amazing thing is that it can work for 60 minutes under 2 meters water. No fear of rain or reading your favorite content by sitting at poolside.

Light Detection in Kobo Aura One:

Isn’t good when your device detect the light of your surrounding and adjust the brightness accordingly. What about reading your favorite content on your cozy bed, where you can read your desirable contents with full comfort but it sometimes curtains of eyes drops down gradually and without letting you know your sleep takes you to the dream world. But in this, if you set a bedtime, it gradually hues to yellow as the sun goes down.

Aura One is providing you a service, through which you can borrow books from the local library, well selection is limited and here If we talk about Kindle library then we don’t have words for praise, all the readers who are using Kindle are the live proofs of its brilliant service. Aura is simply designed e-reader device and holds more features than Kindle. Kindle Oasis holds the price tag of $290 whereas Aura One will cost you $230 but Kindle Paperwhite is an ideal option for night readers ($100). Rest if you’re Kindle user and facing any kind of technical mess, then you can ask for Kindle Help. For more updates regarding both devices, stay tuned with their official websites.