Are you ready to bring these three auspicious monkeys to your home on this auspicious occasion of Diwali? If yes then you should trek ahead to Kindle library to grab, ‘The Diwali Gift’ by Shweta Chopra. Tell your children what is the fact behind Diwali celebration.

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Now as we know that month is of an occasion, not October but till December we all be part of some festival whether we talk Diwali or Christmas but the zeal of an enjoyment will remain same. So this is Diwali time, means it’s time lit up the lamps and decorate your houses with lights or simply you can say it’s time to make your city just like the Ayodhya (Kingdom of lord Rama after the death of his father King Dashratha).Now, what is the value of this festival? What is the origin, why we celebrate this? If you are a mother or father of some kid then you want your kid should know all the sensible facts behind the celebration of every festival. Here we’re talking about Diwali so what about, ‘The Diwali Gift’ written by Shweta Chopra.


This book holds the three monkeys (Suno (listen), Dekho (See), and Jaano Understand). So welcome these three auspicious monkeys to your home on this auspicious and beautiful occasion. This book not only holds the amazing gift of Diwali but also provide some knowledgeable things as well in an entertaining manner. As a parent you should provide this book to your children, so they can also know the definition behind the celebration of Diwali (festival of lights). Rest for any Kindle Support you can get in touch with Kindle experts, on this occasion of Diwali we don’t want any technical mess annoys your or ruin your festive mood and happy Diwali to all Kindle users.