Amazon has been coming up with e-readers every year with a dedicated Kindle support contract. Every year we see a new line up of newest e-readers which offer us some new features.

Every time we buy one there is just a feeling that there is nothing more that this device can offer so this is going to be my last kindle and I am going to read all my content on it. However, every year amazon brings out something more innovative which makes users buy their kindle line up of products.

Pricing and features:

However, their pricing is also getting steeper each year as seen on Amazon kindle support, last year’s flagship kindle voyage was around $200 and surely you can buy four kindle fire tablets at this price. However, it is more about the cost of research that has been put into it rather than cost of product. Kindle voyage itself was an expensive product as critics acclaimed how it was not worth the price tag. This year, amazon has come up with a new product called kindle oasis.

This e-reader might be considered the iPhone of e-readers. Definitely not worth the price as opposed to Kindle help. It comes at a price where you can buy two kindle voyage and still save $50. This device costs $450 and has just a polished version of what we had in voyage. It has nothing new except for some freebies adding to the price and a bit square-ish design. This device has focused primarily on a better form factor and ease of prolonged usage as seen on www kindle com support.

Reasons to buy it:

There are some reasons why you would like to buy this e-reader. One of these is if you never had an e-reader and have some money to shed on it, this device is for you as seen on Kindle fire support. For a first time user, this device will work as a charm. With its small and compact size yet powerful features, a first time user will love to use it. Veteran kindle readers might have a frame of reference and would criticise it for its new features but for a novice, it will work as a charm.

If you read for prolonged periods of time, this device is for you and can be brought from kindle com support. Though it has a screen as similar to kindle voyage, it has a brand new form factor. It has a square type design and all its drivers and weight is pushed onto the broader side. It feels like we are holding a rolled book and it promotes one handed usage. Weight is not evenly distributed but is on one hand so practically it is easier to hold.

It has focused more on ease of reading. While older e-readers had a swipe gesture for changing pages, this device makes use of buttons on the broader side. It means that we can fully operate it with one hand. Those buttons can be used for changing pages. It also is better since touching screen every time ultimately made it dirtier.  This device can be used with either of hands so users can use it with both left and right hand. The screen flips and so do the buttons orient according to the hand in which we are using it.

The best part about this device is that it comes with a leather back cover. It is not a third party cover so it does not mess up with form factor of device. It keeps it slim and is ideal for protection. This cover also has built in battery pack inside it. This battery increases the life of this device by months. That is why the pricing has been so steep. Definitely if you are a fan of luxuries reading and are so lazy to charge it, this device is for you.