Do you want to see your Kindle getting some life then you can certainly experience this through Kindle in Motion format. It includes GIF-animations and variety of backgrounds which will give you somewhat a real experience of a book.

Kindle has always been innovative and trying different things to make it stand out from the crowd when it comes to an e-reader. Few weeks ago Amazon launched a new e-book format which will take the world of e-reading to another level. It was first noticed by KBoards, that Kindle in Motion adds GIF-like animations and it can be seen on the Fire tablet and in the Kindle apps for iPad, Android, and iPhone. However, if you read these ebooks on Kindle you’ll just see the regular book, not the GIF –like animations. Moreover, Kindle in Motion is not Kindle A\V, or Kindle with Audio\Video. Amazon has not announced this new format yet and few things as known about this format so far are like.

There are six Kindle in Motion including four original romantic titles and two new editions for an Edgar Allan Poe collection and The Secret Garden. Titles of books are like The Matchmaker’s Replacement, The Secret Garden, Darkness There: Selected Tales by Edgar Allan Poe, The Matchmaker’s Playbook, Dead in Her Tracks, Tracks of Her Tears, Off to Be the Wizard which are available right now all from the Amazon’s publishing division. This new format of ebooks sports various enhancements like animated covers, video clips, page backgrounds and it can be turned off and on as per you preference. Further, this enhanced version of ebooks are limited to portrait mode only and are quite large (200MBto 400MB).

First time when I saw Kindle in motion books I got really freaked out as it looked so real. This feature can definitely increase book sales as now it has power to visually attract its customers.

Kindle in Motion lets you resize the text and simultaneously it maintains the background too. However, this is a small change but it can improve the reading experience further. This feature will make ebooks equal of print books and will become take an art form.

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