The most amazing books are not just available in the Kindle library, but various other sources. So, to be able to access the free books from other libraries, it is important to make sure that you have made proper settings on your Kindle device. To know more about it, read the below-mentioned information.

kindle image1There are certain things that people anticipate from the electronic equipment manufacturing companies. The same can be said for Amazon Kindle, who was only supporting the eBooks that were present in the Kindle library, but things have changed in the recent times. Now, Amazon Kindle support a wide range of free library eBooks. The company has ensured that the process of borrowing an eBook from other libraries remains similar to that of other devices. It can be done by browsing a free library and then, searching for the book or books that you want to read.

Then, you will have to enter the library card number along with a PIN. After that, you are going to see an option ‘get for kindle’. But, make sure that you have an Amazon account because that’s how you will be able to get an access to the book on your Kindle device. Along with the free eBooks, you can also get Kindle titles without giving any fees. So, things have really changed for the book lovers, and now they can really enjoy a wide range of books without any hassle. You don’t even require Kindle support to get an access to the free eBooks.

Let us take a look at the number of ways through which you can access free library eBooks on your Kindle device, whether it is Kindle Fire or Kindle Voyage or even Kindle Paperwhite. If you find any problem, then you can take Kindle Fire support, but I don’t think you’ll require it.

  1. Email: You can easily add free eBooks on the Kindle device with the help of an email. You can go to and then find the option that says ‘my kindle’. After that, you have to select the relevant Kindle from the options. You are going to find the Kindle’s email address right next to the Email. If you are unable to find this option, then you can take Kindle help. The customer care executives are going to help you sort out the issue.
  2. Mobi format: The eBooks that are available in .mobi format can also be accessed on the Kindle. Just go to www Kindle com support, and find the way to access .mobi format. You can also attach the eBook in your email with any subject. There is no need to add anything in the body.
  3. The same can be done with the PDF and EPUB format. But, just in case, you don’t find the right options, then you can browse Kindle com support. The main motive for you is to access a wide range of eBook formats that are available at the free libraries on your Kindle devices.

The company has also made arrangements for the people where they can call at Amazon phone number. I don’t think if that would be necessary, but the company can’t take any chances because they are offering a service to the customers and they have to cover each and every aspect. So, if you want to read free eBooks from other libraries, then you can you can call at Amazon customer service phone number. So, don’t wait anymore and read your favorite books from a wide number of sources on the most amazing Kindle device.