If you have decided that you want to buy a kindle device and you want it at a reasonable price then head towards Amazon, here you will get all your devices for good prices or rest navigate to www kindle com you knowing more about Kindle range.


Kindle is Amazon’s product and Amazon sells it so Amazon is the first place which you should look while buying a Kindle whether it is Kindle base model, Kindle Paperwhite , Voyage or Oasis. Once you have decided on the model now you really want to save some cash. Well, it becomes difficult to find Amazon Echo at a discounted price as it is very reasonable but we cannot say this about Kindle Oasis at £269.99 it is priced quite high.

Here we provide you some insight to the Amazon’s best deal for your Kindle in the UK:

Amazon Kindle deals from Amazon


Amazon is currently selling the eight generation Kindle which is priced at £59.99 if you want lock-screen ads version or you can go for ads free version but you need to pay £69.99.

Kindle Paperwhite

The very main difference between the Kindle Paperwhite and the base model is that Kindle Paperwhite has a backlight. It cost £109.99 from Amazon with just Wi-Fi and ads and if you want ads free version and 3G connectivity then it will cost you up to £179.99

Kindle Voyage:

It is an amazing ereader but it is priced a bit high then Kindle Paperwhite and the base model of Kindle. Kindle Voyage is priced at £169.99 with Wi-Fi and £229.99 with 3G.

Kindle Oasis

Among the Kindle range, Kindle Oasis is the high-end luxury products. However,Kindle Oasis is priced high among them all. Amazon price for the Kindle Oasis is £269.99 with just Wi-Fi and it will cost £329.99 with 3G connectivity.


Amazon Kindle deals from Argos

Argos mainly sells Wi-Fi ranges and it sells the eight generation of Kindle for £59.99 and rest of the range at the retail price.

Amazon Kindle deals from Currys

Curry provides the whole latest Kindle range but it does not sell many models 3 G models so check the specification with Argos.

Amazon also has five tablets in their range they are more alike Apple’s iPad range.

Amazon Fire 7

With £49.99 you get seven-inch tablet and offers decent 171 ppi. With this you get access to full Amazon Prime store and with micro SD card you get expandable storage up to 128GB.

Amazon Fire Kids Edition

Amazon Fire edition Kids:

It is an excellent seven-inch tablet for children and it is encased in a bright protective case. It also comes with 2-year warranty.

 Amazon Fire HD 6:

It is available for £89.99 on the Amazon’s website


Amazon Fire HD 8:

It is the recent addition to the Fire line. This 8-inch HD tablet provides greater quality screen and last up to 12 hrs and is priced at £89.99

Amazon Fire HD 10:

This 10-inch tablet with 1280 x 800 display HD has 149 ppi is ideal to watch films, read books etc. This tablet screen is extensively larger than your smartphone.

Further, Amazon provides specially kindle fire support for all the fire devices so take this support and get out of any technical problem also if you have other kindle devices then Amazon Kindle support is available to fix your devices.