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The senior centre of Boulder City introduced a new e-reader program for senior citizens. According to this program senior member of the community can borrow free Amazon Kindle devices. This is good initiative by Boulder City library and Senior Center. Now senior citizens can enjoy reading in the modernised way.

They will definitely like the combination of reading and technology. Emily Clark, who is an employee at Senior Centre of Boulder city, has made this program to help elderly people or senior citizen who cannot afford this device and an internet connection. This step will help the seniors to read and store vast collection of books that they want to read. They have to create Amazon kindle account to enjoy this service.

Kindle reader

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This program was created to give facility of reading their favourite books to all the seniors of the community. Now they can read books, magazines newspapers and articles from their favourite authors or writers.  This is a good initiative to bring their favourite books within their reach. This program of Senior Centre of Boulder city is appreciated by all the citizens. According to Clark, this program will give a chance to read good books to all the seniors of society. It is very difficult for old persons to go out from their house to read or bring the new books. With this program they will read any book or material what they want to read without leaving their house.

Amazon kindle

MGM Resorts Foundation is donating the money for this purpose. They are bearing all the expenses. Now Senior Center of Boulder city has more than 20 kindle devices. Seniors can use these Kindle devices as long as they want.  Clark said that she get mix response from the senior citizens. Some people said that they love this program very much, as they can read any type of book on their Kindle. Some senior citizens described it as a difficult device to operate as they are not comfortable to learn new technology. Sheryl Calvert, an old lady from Boulder City said that she likes this program very much as it keeps her habit of reading after lots of health problems. She has to stay inside the house all the time due to her leg amputation. She is now very happy with her Kindle device as it helps her to read books, magazines and other material.

The Boulder City library issues a card for each Kindle device and assures that seniors will read books without paying any fees. This online library card also gives an opportunity to check out books from their home with an internet connection. Seniors of this center told that now they have a bundle of books in front of them to read. They search for latest books and read whatever they want. Customers of Amazon Kindle can purchase and read any book by making payment through Amazon card login. They can purchase, download and read any material from the Kindle e-store. This program from Senior Centre is trying to get senior citizens back into books with great combination of technology and reading.