Every kindle device has an option to be password protected. The company has earlier aided in this kind of procedure. If a user wanted to sign up for password and if he lost the password irrespective of the kindle device they were using. It created an undue pressure on Amazon Kindle Support as well as made it difficult for users to self-diagnose.

Why the problem is faced:

Now, as Kindle confirms, with almost all latest gen kindle devices supporting internet connectivity, password recovery and resetting are entirely in hands of users. However, users will lose all their settings and data which was on their kindle so make sure to make regular backups. That will make sure that once we go for help from www kindle com support, we will not have to lose our data.

Kindle password reseting

Steps to reset Kindle password:

Earlier, if we had a kindle fire, we had to call the Kindle fire support  or e-mail them on their website. From there they usually used to take our device on the remote operation and then used to setup our password. Now that we don’t have to go through that hassle.

However, this is what we will lose :

  1. Personal documents
  2. Internet bookmarks
  3. Memorized Wi-Fi networks
  4. Will have to re-register Kindle

So, we have to collect this kind of information to one place before resetting the password because it basically resets kindle.

Kindle password reset

These are following steps to reset your kindle password. Make sure that your non-recoverable data is backed up. Your kindle must be charged to a minimum of 50% battery and screen must be operating. To know more why it is done, you must log onto Kindle com support link.

Click on the unlock button which will give you a tactile feedback. The screen will lighten up. Now at the password field, enter “ResetmyKindle”. The text quoted must be written there. It will prompt you if you want to reset your kindle. Once you select yes, your kindle will reboot and all data will be wiped away. You can take Kindle help in order to get back all the lost data.

It is a bit of cumbersome process since resetting kindle is not equivalent to recovering a password. The fact is, amazon has not given a way out to recover passwords. Passwords are to be wiped away and are encrypted.

This resetting technique is not only helpful in case of password reset but also if you want to resell your kindle or enter a new account with all cache cleared. Also, all devices have a memory on board and cache normally fills that up. This will ensure that device gets fresh and new as it is. If it doesn’t work, then you will have to take Kindle support.

However, you must be sure that your kindle is not in wrong hands since anyone mischievous can use this trick to wipe clean your amazon kindle. Normally every device has a built-in password recovery technique such as security password or sending an email to the registered device. Kindle has not been equipped with such simple tech and if you don’t want to lose your data, simply contact Amazon Kindle Customer Service.

They take your device on remote operations and since they have administrator tools they instantly reset the password. However, they ask for authenticity about your ownership of the device. Feel free to browse through various options to reset your kindle password.