Is It Possible To Move Google Chromecast To A New TV

There are a certain prerequisites for using Chromecast. First of all, the TV must be equipped with an HDMI port. There must also be some kind of power port on the TV or located on the wall socket nearby. It also needs a high speed internet, a minimum of 8 Mbps of internet speed is required when we set up Chromecast. 

This device is wireless and works on Wi-Fi. It can also be connected via Ethernet cable using an adapter supplied by google for Chromecast after google Chromecast setup. You also need a smartphone running on android or iOS and installed with google cast app in it. It does not matter if it is not a smartphone but it must have a wireless connectivity option as well as the OS mentioned earlier.

Chromecast and its features

Chromecast has a lot of features. From streaming of favourite services over the internet to streaming of local content, it does it all. This device also provides content for free just like other tech giants in this field. It offers free and discounted services and movie shows all over. This device has very moderate specifications so even if your TV is a 720p TV, it is enough since its output is 720p as told by Chromecast help.

These moderate specifications do not stop it from running heavy duty games and apps even with multiplayer. Multiplayer with unknown devices can also be done using guest mode in Chromecast. It is a dedicated mode in which unknown users can connect to Chromecast directly with its own Wi-Fi signal as seen on Chromecast support. All devices act as source and all of them must have same game installed in them.

Simply speaking, whenever a device connects with Chromecast, they can cast their content because it is on their smartphone and so is the app. Generally an app is installed on the streaming device but here the app is on the host itself. It has a variety of benefits over traditional usage since it allows to cut cost of Chromecast by not giving much storage.

It also allows customisation for each user separately since all have different apps installed. However only those apps work with Chromecast which have been developed that way. Those apps which have been developed to work with Chromecast will work as follows. First of all, we have to install google cast app in our smartphone. Then we have to install those apps which are compatible with Chromecast. Those apps, when opened will have a cast overlay because of google cast app in our smartphone. Hitting that soft key will cast the contents of that app or game to Chromecast instantly.

Connecting it to another TV:

Google cast app is usable, not only because of casting feature, but also because it is used to control a majority of google Chromecast features. In fact Chromecast can be used and controlled, only by using google cast app. As soon as Chromecast is setup, there can be as many devices as you want controlling it, the only deal is that it must be connected to the home network.

Since Chromecast is a small piece of hardware, it can be moved to any TV. Since it is on the same home network, it does not need to be setup again and can be plugged into any TV. There is no restriction on it. Even if you are taking it out of home network, you have to plug it into another TV, connect as guest, provide it a new home network and you are good to go.

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