Howard Stern, an American radio and TV personality, share his experience that how kindle helped him regaining his reading habit.

Howard Allan Stern, an American radio and television personality, producer, author, actor, and photographer likes Kindle .This is probably the best news that book industry can come across since the Oprah launched her book club. Stern opened his show after Memorial Day by sharing the news that he hasn’t read lately because his glasses made his eyes pain a lot. He added that the Kindle fixes the problem by adjusting the font size so that your eyes don’t hurt much. Kindle is loaded with many others features Amazon Kindle support will make you familiar with it.

Now, as Stern is back to reading so his fellow fans will be getting some new insights and recommendations.He started reading Worth Dying For: A Navy SEAL’s Call to a Nation by Rorke Denver on his Kindle. He thought it was a perfect Memorial Day reading. Denver in his book writes about the value of service and what it ultimately means to a country whom you are serving for.

Stern was impressed and said it was fascinating. The idea he find appealing was the whole idea of service making every American serve the country in and contribute in one way or the other for a year as a part of citizenship. Stern is not a book reviewer he is just a “King of All Media” who can spread the message and now suddenly millions of people came to know about Denver’s book.

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