How To Turn rCast Chromecast Into A Media Player?

To be able to use your Google Chromecast without an internet connection, you need to have rCast Mod included in the device. To get this mode, you have to take the help of a Chromecast tech support. 

A common feature in all the streaming devices that are available today is that, they stream content via the internet. You can take it as a feature or a drawback, but that’s how it goes. Google has made arrangements to avoid its most amazing streaming product ‘Chromecast’ from being an HDMI wireless dongle.

It is good to have such arrangements, but in the process, they have omitted one of the great features as well, i.e., the ability of the Chromecast to work as a wireless HDMI player/dongle for your smart/LED/LCD/HD TV. It is very important for all Google Chromecast users to thank developers that have made codes for rCast, which is a mod for Chromecast and making it possible for all the Chromecast users to use the device as a media player as well.

What is rCast Mod?

The modification of a few parts of the Eureka custom ROM for Google Chromecast has developed rCast Mod, which has enabled Chromecast users to use the device as a media player without having the requirement of an internet connection. There are a few things that all the Chromecast users have to understand that, the scheme is developed for first gen Google Chromecast, so if you have a newer version of the device, then you probably would not be able to get rCast Mod.

So, you need to gain the root access, then you have to flash the modded ROM to it. The entire process is pretty complex for those who have no relation to the networking and coding. So, in order to get rCast Mod, what you can do is, you can let the experts do Chrome cast setup. They have all the information about how to get Chromecast set up with rCast Mod in the right way.

Not able to get rCast Mod? Get Chromecast support

Despite its non-internet based operation, a recent update that occurred on Eureka ROM has changed the things. Now, it will check for the Wi-Fi connection. To know more about the rCast Mod and how to get it on your Chromecast, you can log on to www Google com Chromecast setup. They know it exactly right, how to hook up Google Chrome cast setup on the TV in the form of a media player.

There are many benefits of doing so, but all that can be found out at www Chromecast com setup. It is better to get the modified version of the device, which enables you to do a lot of other things as well. You can get Chromecast help as well, in case, anything goes bad, but that is a rare chance to happen.

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